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Discuss the factors that influence staff motivation in the workplace. Which do you consider to be the most important?

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University of Salford Name: SZE WAH, LEUNG Student Number: @0008125 Course: International Foundation Year Subject: Economics of UK Business Title: Discuss the factors that influence staff motivation in the workplace. Which do you consider to be the most important? In business, the motivation means the force or process which impels staff to behave in the way that they do and passionate detection of the objectives or tasks set out by the firm. Moreover, motivation can be viewed as that which determines whether workers expend the degree of effort necessary to achieve required task objectives. There are three main factors that influence the staff motivation for instance the company culture, the financial reward system and the effective management of people. Company culture means the accepted set of attitudes, values and habits within an organization - its ethos. It is the major factor to influence staff motivation in the workplace. Nowadays, every business has its own culture as same as every college, classroom and every country. According to the FW Taylor who conceived the notion of 'a fair day's work for a fair day's pay', but Mayo was the theorist who analyzed the social factors affecting what staff regard as fair. The hierarchy shows that how many factors influence the staff motivation are as follow: This is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Physiological needs are the basic need. ...read more.


It is to distribute of some portion of profits to the employees of a company. It can encourage staff to think about the whole business, not just their own job. Profit sharing has advantage for the employee so that they can work laboriously in the firm. For instance, the sale worker works in the mobile phone shop if they can sale more mobile phone, naturally, the profit of the firm also will increase. After that, the profit has increased so the profit sharing of portion also increased. Finally, the worker can get more portion of profit from the firm. Fringe benefit is very important factors that influence staff motivation. The staff can get benefits of reward rather than their income. For instance, low interest rate loans or mortgages, discounts or special offer on the company's product and membership of clubs. In some cases, when the staff want to buy a new car, he have not enough money to buy that, he can enjoy company's fringe benefit - low interest rate mortgages. So the fringe benefit can increase firm's morale from staff and motivate the staff. Effective management of people means different things in different circumstances. People must careful planning and good organisation are the key factors. Boss or manager have well experience, the foresight and the skills to ensure that the employee feel confident and prove competent in their day-to-day tasks. ...read more.


It is the main point why it is very important. Maslow's Hierarchy can provide all of the necessary and basic need for the staff. But piecework is not very well to influence staff motivation. Because the staff has a same task work everyday, they would feel the job is very boring and lack of challenge. Day-by-Day working would lose of interesting in their job. It is strongly disadvantage to influence staff motivation. In fact, piecework can only keep the production of balance but it can increase the effective of staff. In my opinion, I think the elements of the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management is exceedingly important for the staff motivation. Because each company operates must under the Maslow's Hierarchy and effective management whatever large or small organisation. If the firm has not good operation such as good leader and well system, they can not operate in this generation. As the great competitor all in the world in difference commercial circumstance. Each firm must increase their reputation from good management. Generally, there are many factors that influence staff motivation apart from the above three main factors. For instance, increasing salary, insurance, holiday and better working environment are also influence staff motivation in the workplace. To conclude, the main factors that contribute to staff motivation in the workplace have Company culture, Financial reward system and Effective management of people. Undoubtedly, the above main factors also have their advantage and disadvantage. If the firm can proper operate the firm form above system, they must become the distinguished firm whatever small or big organization. ...read more.

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