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Discuss the role of Marketing and the Marketing department using an organisation of your choice to illustrate the points you make. Tescos

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Discuss the role of Marketing and the Marketing department using an organisation of your choice to illustrate the points you make. What is marketing? There are many definitions to what marketing is, of which one is "Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives." Marketing is therefore much more than just advertising & selling. The marketing concept requires commitment to customer's satisfaction, by providing what they want and need.. Within market research, there are two types of researches used. There is primary and secondary research. Primary research is gathering information from the consumer directly. Research can be done in various type of questionnaires i.e. telephone, internet and face-to-face. A supermarket as tesco's conducts face-to-face questionnaire when customers come into the store and those of who have joined the club card get sent email questionnaires. Whereas secondary information is using external companies information already gathered, although there's a drawback which is that the research can be old hence not reliable. ...read more.


The loss of revenue is important because if the production costs are high and the company isn't selling the product it will lose revenue. Tesco's is known as the cheapest but good quality service around. It has a "price check" in which majority of its products are cheaper then its competitors, also allows its customer to see products and its prices compared to its competitors which is independently collected. The real success to Tesco's is in its efforts in promotion. "Promoting is communicating with the potential customers and trying to persuade them to buy their product". Tesco's reaches its potential customers through television, newspaper and the internet. Tesco's club card is a type of marketing promotion. It gives the customer the opportunity to earn points every time they go shopping at Tesco's. In return they can spend their collected points on reducing their shopping bill or receive vouchers for hotels etc. Also tesco's promotes green products which involve environmental friendly services as re-cycling bags, mobile phones etc and also by promoting healthily eating e.g. ...read more.


Tesco's has about 1897 stores including tesco's express and extra, also they have hundreds of stores world wide, and planning on opening more stores in USA. Also with online shopping, tesco's products and services are available all over the UK and also many other countries worldwide. Overall, marketing is very important for the business. The basic role of marketing is the need and wants of its customers, the marketing concept. With investing in marketing the business can go from strength to strength as they will know what is required by the public and can provide it. Especially in the modern world as there is so much available to the public that the marketing department need to react quickly and get up to date. To conclude we can say that every business needs a marketing department to develop and promote their products. Without this they would not be able to supply the customer with its needs and wants. As a business, it needs profit to put into its marketing activities and most importantly its survival. Without the profit and a marketing department it could lead to a businesses downfall. ...read more.

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