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Discuss the various problems human resource mangers faced in formulating human resource strategies/policies for their organisations with special reference to the article Involvement and Participation by Mick Marchington.

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Discuss the various problems human resource mangers faced in formulating human resource strategies/policies for their organisations with special reference to the article Involvement and Participation by Mick Marchington. Human resource departments are beginning to adopt the "soft" side of human resource management where employees are more involved in their organisation. The old management style excluded or had very little involvement with their employees. Employees now have inputs in decision making and often giving ideas for organisational development. Once an organisation's objectives and strategies are determined, human resource management objectives are to evaluate on how to help the organisation achieving its objectives. The role of the human resource manager is to act as a contact between the employer and the employee. The human resource manager's job is to help employees achieve their set of criterions set by the employer. Achieving the organisation's objectives will depend on the success of formulating of policies and strategies by the human resource department/manager. The inability to do this means that the organisation will ultimately fail. Performance appraisal is evaluating how well an employee is doing his or her job. The appraisal process identifies training and development needs for those who are insufficiently trained. The appraisal process is also used to link rewards by determining who achieved their objectives. The problem for human resource managers in performance evaluation is developing an effective and efficient appraisal process. ...read more.


Behavioural anchored rating scale- evaluates behaviour demonstrated in performing a job. Ratings are giving for or bad are placed o a scale for these performances. Behaviour observation scale - the desired behaviour for a specific job is determined and the employee is evaluated on their demonstration of these behaviour on the job. Essay description - the manager write an essay describing the employee's performance. Management by objectives - employees agreed to the goals set by management and the appraisal process determined whether these goals where reached or not. Assessment centres- these centres are costly and used to assess only highly ranked or paid jobs. The centre identifies high potential employees for promotion. No matter what system the human resource manager uses, he or she will always encounter some problems. These problems include the lack of desire to change, recency effect or of lack of commitment from management. Performance appraisal must importantly satisfy equal employment opportunity law requirement or other requirements set out in laws. Trial and error will determine what system is best suited for a specific organisation or the manager may use a bit from each system to cater for the specific organisation. Training and development ensures that the employees are able to meet the job requirements and that their skills are developed to perform their job properly. The new competitive global business environment means that organisations need to have a well-trained workforce because those who fall behind will not be able to compete. ...read more.


The employee sees that did not benefited because of more workload or management did not stressed that changes are needed for the future of the organisation. The communication channel need to be open to everyone so that they understand the policies and strategies or distrust can arise. The fast changing pace of the global business environment meant that human resource policies are closely related to organisational policies and objective. Human resource management is now more closely integrating human resource planning and business planning than ever. It is important that know that satisfying employee's needs and requirements can achieves organisational goals. . Employees are keen to have more say within their organisation and to find out more about actions which are likely to impact upon their own jobs and activities at work. If an organisation is to survive and grows, and retains and motivates its top performers, performance management is a must. Japanese companies are successful because of their involvements with their staffs. Any new policies or strategies introduce should be introduce in a phased and planned manner, and attempts are made to ensure that there is at least some complementarity between these different techniques and try to find which one works the best. Implementing and integration with existing techniques at the organisation sometimes failed because employees find it hard to schedule or cope with the work burden they already have or managers/employees resist changes. The human resource manager need to communicate and stressed changes to old work practice and ideas because of changes in the organisation's environment and strategies. ...read more.

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