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Discussion in terms of Fayol's Managerial Functions

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Discussion in terms of Fayol's Managerial Functions Henri Fayol proposed that all managers perform five management functions. 1- Planning, 2- Organizing, 3- Commanding, 4- Coordinating, 5- Controlling. Most management books still continue to be organized around the management functions, Although they have been condensed down to basic and very important functions. 1- Planning The planning functions involves the process of defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving these goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities. Our instructor also defines or goals which is standard education and successfulness in the exams, according to this concern he establish the ways and strategies that how can we perform well in our exams. 2- Organizing Managers are also responsible for arranging work to accomplish the organization's goals. This function is called Organizing. It involves the process of determining what tasks are to be done, who is to do, how the tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whome, and where decisions are to be made. 3- Leading When managers motivate subordinates, influence individuals or teams as they work, select the most effective communication channel, or deal in any way with employee behavior issues, the are leading.. Our instructor leading us by motivating through his moral support, he use best channels to teach us, he polish our attitude by using his good behavioral skills. ...read more.


Introduction Management is the art of getting things done. A Presentation is a fast and potentially effective method of getting things done through other people. In managing any project, presentations are used as a formal method for bringing people together to plan, monitor and review its progress. 3. Time Management. Time passes, quickly. This article looks at the basics of Personal Time Management and describes how the Manager can assume control of this basic resource Personal Time Management is a set of tools which allow you to: 1- Eliminate wastage 2- Be prepared for meetings 3- Refuse excessive workloads 4- Monitor project progress 5- Allocate resource (time) appropriate to a task's importance 6- Ensure that long term projects are not neglected 7- Plan each day efficiently 8- Plan each week effectively And to do so simply with a little self-discipline. 4. Quality in the Team. Quality is primarily viewed in terms of corporate culture, multi-departmental ad-hoc task forces and the salvation of entire companies. This article, instead, will view these ideas as they might be applied by a Team Leader with a small permanent staff. Of course, these criticisms do not invalidate the ideas of Quality but are simply to suggest that the principles might well be viewed from a new angle - and applied at a different level. ...read more.


Communication with numbties is severely hampered by the fact that although they think they know what they mean (which they do not), they seldom actually say it, and they never write it down. And the main employment of numbties world-wide is in creating project specifications. You must know this - and protect your team accordingly. 9. Becoming a Great Manager. The first steps to becoming a really great manager are simply common sense; but common sense is not very common. This article suggests some common-sense ideas on the subject of great management. Skills changes according to Management Level The extent to which managers perform the functions of management - planning, organizing, directing, and controlling - varies by level in the management hierarchy. A manager is someone skilled in knowing how to analyze and improve the ability of an organization to survive and grow in a complex and changing world. This means that managers have a set of tools that enable them to grasp the complexity of the organization's environment. 1- Most of the first line manager's time is allocated to the functions of directing and controlling. 2- Middle management implements top management goals 3- In contrast, top managers spend most of their time on the functions of planning and organizing. ...read more.

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