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Distributed Computing and Connectivity

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gostRunning head: DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING AND CONNECTIVITY Distributed Computing and Connectivity Jessica Yassen University of Phoenix IST/721 Knowledge Worker Information Systems Dr. Doug Neeley October 29, 2007 Distributed Computing and Connectivity Davenport (2005) stated "knowledge workers have high degrees of expertise, education, or experience, and the primary purpose of their jobs involves the creation, distribution, or application of knowledge" (p. 10). Knowledge workers who fall under this description contribute to the success of the organization through distributed computing and distributed connectivity. Neeley (2007) stated that "distributed computing and distributed connectivity are among the different ways to maintain a competitive edge as knowledge companies" (para. 4). This paper discusses how knowledge workers such as this author and others in Publix Super Markets have enhanced the organization through distributed computing and distributed connectivity. Knowledge Workers Regan and O'Connor (2002) believed that knowledge workers are individuals who are specially trained mentally and Laudon and Laudon (2002) stated that creators are knowledge workers. Both authors basically are stating that a knowledge worker is someone who is trying to better the organization or themselves through education or research of what they are trying to accomplish. Publix Super Markets employees numerous individuals who would fall under the knowledge worker realm. ...read more.


Based on the author's job functions, she would fall under the nonmanagement employee role. The author is a supply chain development lead which is a fancy way of saying programmer analyst. She oversees all software coding that arrives from the supplier, tests the coding, and works with the business areas that will be using the software. While her position is salary, and the business areas being supported or reviewed by her are not salary, Jessica's role is providing a service to a customer. Her customer is also providing service to other customers, whether a store or a vendor. This author has participated in a GPS tracking initiative for the technician's vans. With this hardware and software install, the application located on the web server is able to go out and determine the geographical location of any technician. The software will then use this to optimize the calls for that location and assign the call to the technician who is closest, thereby saving travel time, communication to the call center, and lost labor time. Optimization such as this is an example of how Publix is working with distributed computing and connectivity. More Opportunities to Revolutionize Publix has numerous competitors such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Winn-Dixie, Albertsons, and even some small grocery chains. ...read more.


Other advantages are allowing customers to refill their existing prescriptions online with their Publix pharmacy. Customers can select a pickup time for the prescription, but if none is selected, the time defaults to the following afternoon. While the pharmacy is always convenient to visit and have prescriptions refilled while shopping, this service allows someone to refill his or her script and run in to pick up if shopping is not intended. These types of technological benefits help Publix revolutionize the grocery industry. Conclusion This author has shown several examples of how her role and others in the organization have been influenced by distributed connectivity to communities surrounding the organization. This author recognizes the potential for growth and revolution for her company and how all jobs must report not only laterally, but downward, upward and even externally. Proactive measures such as the generator program show that Publix is preparing for the future so service can still be provided to areas that are hit by natural disasters. Ability for customers to refill their prescriptions online shows how Publix is keeping connected through distributed computing. While many levels in an organization exist, this author realizes that all roles play an important part in the success of any company and that success can be maximized through distributed connectivity. ...read more.

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