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Do you think it is a good idea for companies to use corporate social investment to promote their corporate image?

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Altered Attitudes cc 1. "Companies used to find it bad taste to gloat about their generosity but now realise that they can use their good work to promote their corporate image." Do you think it is a good idea for companies to use corporate social investment to promote their corporate image? Yes, companies become aware of the impact of their activities on all of their stakeholders and express their commitment to contributing to sustainable economic growth, while also improving the quality of life of their employees and their families, of the community where they conduct their business and of society at large. The idea is to develop all three dimensions of a company, which generates long-term value and contributes significantly to obtaining long-lasting competitive advantages. It's ability to provide effective customer care. This corporate identity forms the basis for all the relationships it establishes through its financial and commercial activity, the execution of its social actions and the day-to-day expression of its corporate 2. What is meant by "corporate citizenship"? Corporate citizenship is a term used to describe a company's role in, or responsibilities towards society. ...read more.


They have improved thousand of people that are living in poverty. * One drawback of CSI is that community based projects often remain dependant on their donors for survival even though they are provided with huge amounts of money. Altered attitudes (CSI) has to set this right___ this is all part of CSI challenges they have to face and solve. * Large companies employ altered attitudes cc to help them utilise their CSI money in a manner that is visible and sustainable. The job of CSI consist of various challenges like this * In 2004, Altered Attitudes cc was commissioned by a public company to develop 6 community based organisations so that they could become self-sustaining. * The 6 community-based organisations were registered as non profit organisation. The non-profit organisations will be able to continue operating independently of massive corporate investment. 5. Discuss the benefits business derives from implementing corporate social investment programmes. Refer to the article and mention other benefits you can think of. * Their model has become a skills development resource for government and business. The model they have developed for CSI has become a resource for the government. ...read more.


Lecturers suggest that in South Africa there are two conflicting socio-business models. The European model is competitive and profit driven. The African model is social and politically driven. In many cases in South Africa corporate involved with CSI, who have adopted a more European approach are trying to uplift people who relate better to a spirit of 'Ubuntu' which translated means 'I am because of what you are'. The communities tend to be more group orientated and inter-dependent where as corporate tend to be independent and target driven. Furthermore, many of the community dwellers are rural people living day to day with a very basic education, minimal health care facilities, without electricity at subsistence levels. Carmichael and Drummond (1989:62) suggest that as a result it is not surprising that - �Community groups ask for computers when they don't have electricity; �Community groups may direct funding requests to the wrong person; �The form of the request, even if directed to the right person, may appear hopelessly un business like and be lacking fundamental information; �A project that is enthusiastically proposed by a community group or by the respective company may lose momentum and diminish within three months; and �Members of the community will not necessarily think or act like business people. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This improves as it goes but the writer does not show evidence of a full grasp of the questions. Full understanding of the material is necessary before beginning to write. Whole passages of this appear to be lifted and often the question set is not addressed.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 01/05/2013

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