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Does Cowbridge need a supermarket?

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Does Cowbridge need a supermarket? Cowbridge's council met today to discuss whether the supermarket Waitrose have proposed should be built over the old cattle market in Cowbridge should be built or not. Waitrose have been interested in building a supermarket in Cowbridge for quite some time. The proposed space would to be to build it in place of the cattle market. But the question is does Cowbridge need a supermarket, and does Cowbridge want to lose its cattle market? Many be factors must be considered: Firstly is the area big enough for a supermarket, bearing in mind it requires a car park? ...read more.


It would be very hard, and expensive for the brownfield cattle market to be turned into a supermarket, because it would need clearing out as well as needing electricity and running water to be fitted. It would also limit later expansion should the company want to develop later on. On the better side cowbridge would benefit from a supermarket because its nearest supermarket is the tesco in Bridgend, and its smaller shops havnt got such a high quality, or wide range of goods. There is a high population density in Cowbridge so there would be a large demand in the area, and labour would not be short. ...read more.


House prices will then go up and so the estate agents will profit more and again Cowbridge will become much richer. The final verdict may take quite a long time to reach, and so there will not be a supermarket for quite some time. The best way for the council to decide would most likely be to ask the Cowbridge residents to vote, or fill out a questionnaire. There are many contrasting viewpoints and factors which must be considered in this gruelling task, and so the council will meet time after time to attempt to discuss and decide what the better option would be. ...read more.

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