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During my time here at Rainbow Mail Order I have noticed the following problems that some of the subordinate members of staff are having. In this report I hope to outline these problems and offer some possible solutions.

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Luke Judge Management assignment Rainbow Mail Order During my time here at Rainbow Mail Order I have noticed the following problems that some of the subordinate members of staff are having. In this report I hope to outline these problems and offer some possible solutions. 1. The rules and regulations are too restrictive and are not allowing staff to achieve their own full potential and the work people are doing is repetitive and boring. 2. Staff are limited in how they are able to deal with unsatisfied customers even though they are equipped to do so, causing staff to feel out of touch with customers, which will also lead to bad customer relations in the future. 3. People within the company with the right knowledge and experience are not being given the responsibility they deserve. 4. Management is not delegating effectively and is therefore limited in the time they can spend on any one task, also the lack of delegation leaves the subordinates with the feeling that they are not trusted enough by management. 5. Administration is not using the full capabilities of Information Technology as effectively as they could. Even though people have been on courses to improve their own I.T. ...read more.


Job rotation was proposed by Herzberg to combat monotony and increase employee motivation. This should reduce dissatisfaction and improve levels of satisfaction making staff feel more motivation within the work place. Problem three is that skills within the company are going unused, and this is extremely wasteful. Management need to do a skills check including everyone at the firm, find out what people are actually capable of doing and start delegating jobs accordingly. I also feel that a rotation of jobs would be in order for those people with skills in the same area of expertise, this would also be a good way of training staff who are less skilled in certain areas of the company. This means that staff will also become multi-skilled and through job enrichment programs will experience greater job satisfaction. Applying McClelland's learned theory of motivation (Mullins L. 1998) could solve the fourth problem, as some people that have greater nPow (the need to influence others and situations, to be dominant, to control) and may respond better to the re-delegation of work and the additional responsibility that comes with delegated work. When this has been applied productivity should improve and management will have more time to get on with some of the more important jobs within the company giving them the opportunity to do a few jobs well rather than a lot of jobs less effectively. ...read more.


Also, rather than reprimanding every time an employee makes a mistake management need to start giving feedback on what they have done wrong and then give them the information needed to complete the task correctly. Finally the staff in personnel is not giving enough support to the employees that need it the most. It seems that personnel are not focused enough on the employees' needs or their ideas for improvement. Personnel should be there for the people working for the company, they need to be more approachable and supportive. They need to take more notice of the problems that the employees may be having and make a point of trying to solve the individuals problem and be seen doing so to make the person in question feel there is help or a solution to the problems that arise at work. In conclusion if the company applies these theories and ideas for improvement the employee's should enjoy greater motivation in the workplace and management should see a marked improvement in productivity, although these theories and ideas may not apply to everyone in which case we would need to address the needs of those individuals personally. Information in this report was obtained from An Integrated Approach to Business Studies 4th ed. Management Organizational Behavior 2nd edition by Laurie. J. Mullins and Management Concepts and Applications 4th Ed. ...read more.

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