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E-Marketing - Promotion and the Communications Process.

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E-Marketing - Promotion and the Communications Process Introduction In this assignment I will be using a case study to demonstrate an effective promotional campaign plan for the launch of a new e-business - selling wine over the internet. The name of the e-business will be 'The Wine Seller', which will help promote brand recall. This will also form the basis of the PR and Advertising campaign. The steps taken will include: * Promotion Plan/Objective * SWOT Analysis * Formulating a marketing and advertising plan * Setting the Marketing Objectives * Identifying the target audiences * Evaluating and implementing the communications mix The promotional campaign budget is �500,000. 1. Promotion Objective & Plan 'The Wine Seller' is a small company offering high quality products to two main target markets. The main business objective is to generate awareness of the website facility to the existing customer base, respond to the needs of potential customers and generate awareness to both existing and potential customers. Therefore the main objectives of this promotional campaign are to: - * Create a brand image * Increase competitiveness * Improve efficiency * Add value for the customer To fulfil these objectives we need to improve communications, enhance customer service, increase sales, reduce costs and evaluate the impact. ...read more.


To communicate with the target audience effectively marketers need to understand how communication works. There are nine components that make up the communications process, the two main players are the sender and receiver. Communication starts with a clear focus on who the target audience is be they current customers or potential buyers. There are six buyer readiness stages, these are the stages we pass through when deciding to purchase. To test the awareness of the target audience techniques such as name recognition assist with product recall. In this case the company name 'The Wine Seller' will promote recall and brand image. The website should incorporate added value services that will encourage customers to come back and therefore reinforce the knowledge of the services and products offered. A short online questionnaire with a bonus incentive such as a discount on purchase would assist marketers when evaluating whether the product and service is to the liking of the market. This should also be available to offline markets with an incentive to buy online, i.e. a paper copy with pre paid envelope for markets that don't wish to use the online facility. ...read more.


Budget �500,000 Expenditure Half page ad in the Sunday Times Style Magazine x 4 Sundays �160,000 Secondary data for Direct Marketing @ �20.00 per 100 (1000 required) � 20,000 Television Advertising (Sunday lunchtime x 2 ads over 8 Sundays @ �25,000) �200,000 Cost includes production Reprinting of all stationery � 15,000 Search Engine Optimisation & Data Mining � 5650 Wine Tasting evenings in Country House Hotels & Promotional offers �100,000 Conclusion It is important to the marketer to understand how communication works in order to send the right message to the right people at the right time using the correct medium for the audience. It is vitally important that after a communicating that the results or findings are monitored and evaluated. Evaluation measures the success or failure of promotional campaigns. These promotions sometimes fail due to poor objectives and a poor understanding of customer needs and wants. Successful e-businesses realise the importance of integrating their offline and online marketing activities. Any promotional activity should run over a reasonable time scale in order that the receivers of the message recall the content. This helps reinforce the message and leads consumers to Purchase. The internet is the biggest library and storefront in the world and therefore an ideal platform to sell products and ideas and research competitors. Amanda Whyte - HNC E-Commerce 15/04/2003 E-Marketing - Outcome 3 ...read more.

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