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Employability - Personal Effectiveness at Work

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Employability Unit 1 Assignment Personal Effectiveness at Work Task 1 a) Goals and Objectives that contribute to personal effectiveness at work placement: * Hard working- your manager would know you're appropriate for the job and can handle it. * Communication- to maintain good relationship with your clients and build up your confident. * Responsibility- so you know how to take care of your own actions and maintain your job in an effective way. Also you can't rely on others. * Time management- to maintain smooth running of the day and feel like you're not piled up with to many responsibility. b) The areas of development you need to support personal goals: * Training and development- this is important because you would know how to work effectively and make sure nothing will go wrong. ...read more.


* Professionalism- so people see you as a good worker and see that you can do your job professionally. * Willing * Committed- so you don't get distracted and know that the work is very important to you. Task 2 Personal implications of starting work: * Maintain standards of work * Other people needs * Location * Environment * Budget money * Childcare * Social activities * Personal appearance * Attitude Task 3 a) Ways to describe the way I would create a good impression with personal presentation in workplace: * high standard of hygiene * smart appearance * Hair should be neat because you don't it coming to the front and might get caught into something. ...read more.


Task 4 a) Ways in which I would manage my feelings in the workplace: * Take control, it would make you feel better and that you feel more committed to your job. * Speak to somebody so you can sort you problems out or someone can sort them out for you if you're having trouble with your job. * Be assertive * Relaxation techniques as yoga can help you with your stress levels. * Exercise such has jogging can help you forget things and bring you mind back. * Counting to 10 feel calm you down if you think you are stressing. b) Why is it important to manage my feelings when starting work? * Maintain professional- people might think you're not professional; it will give a bad image towards your clients. * Don't make any wrong impressions * Avoid any conflict * Remain calm 1 ...read more.

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