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Employee development (ED).

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Employee development (ED) "The purpose of ED can be defined as developing human potential to assist organizations and individuals to achieve their objectives". (Redman &Wilkinson, 2001 p.129). Since the impact of the globalization, the new positioning and competitive competences of the company will bring the HR department new challenges of finding effective career paths for their global employees. "A study conducted by the Global Leadership Institute shows a positive relationship between the level of employee internationalization and the organization's Return on Assets." (Black et al, 1999, p1). That's why according to Black "an international assignment is the single most powerful experience in shaping the perspective and capabilities of effective global leaders...A global assignment play important roles in succession planning and leadership development; in coordination and control; and in technology, innovation, and information exchange and dissemination." ...read more.


(Hayes et al, 1996). Such a failure is partly due to the mismatch between the organizational goals and personal goals, which is the main purpose of ED. Other reasons are: * Lack of training, this includes language and cross culture training. A recent survey conducted by Runzheimer International, found that only 42% of the 54 multinational companies polled had any formal training program for acculturating expatriates with their host country. (Hayes et al, 1996). * Family-related problems are perhaps the most important cause of failure amongst expatriates (Harvey, 1985). Such family problems include relating to the adaptation of both spouse and children to a new cultural and social environment. ...read more.


In order to provide the employees a smooth international career development path, as well as to create an internationalized employees pool, organizations thus have to design a more systematic ED plan. This plan will include a clear definition of the international assignment, full training of the language and culture, effective expatriate policies, etc. For those MNCs with various employees come from different backgrounds, because of the culture impact, employees will have different views of career path. For example, in achievement-oriented corporation in western countries, young, promising managers are often sent on challenging assignment to faraway countries, whereas in ascribing cultures, older people, males, highly qualified persons are sent for those independent tasks or specific functions. (Trompenaars et al, 1998) Thus, organizations have to fully understand the career meaning to all of its employees and develop different career themes. ...read more.

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