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employees perspective

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´╗┐Employee?s perspective Depending on available time, use every possible means to learn all you can about the company and position. Find out question like: ?how old is the organization?? and ?how does this organisation rank in the industry?? Use the public library or local bookstore to locate and read information about the company/organization access books, journals, magazines, newspapers and any reference materials. Furthermore, if a interviewee prepares well for their interview it leaves a good impression on the interviewer. An example of a badly prepared candidate was Elizabeth from the Apprentice; she did not win the show because she failed to research background information her employer Lord Alan Sugar. In order to have a successful interview an interviewee must be punctual as this can change the course of how well an interview may go drastically. ...read more.


Generally speaking, it's better to be dressed a little more formally than less, and to be comfortable. On example of formal dressing is arriving in a black or navy suit, a freshly ironed shirt with a tie (for men) and remember to polish your shoes Move over, it is not only the job of the employer to ask question .The interviewer will also expect the candidate to have some questions of their own to ask. Inability to ask reasonable and productive questions during job interviews can convey a lack of preparation and commitment on the part of the employee not only in the job, but also in the company. Using the information obtained through the research of the organisation and things the interviewee did not understand during the interview. It will be a good idea to plan five to six questions. ...read more.


What most interviews do not know is that the receptionist feeds information to the employer so if a candidate arrives late and has to rush work, or cut into time of the interview by arriving at the time of their interview, the interviewer will know. If this was to happen the candidate might appear unprofessional and unprepared. What candidate says to a potential employer is just one aspect that is kept in mind when one is being considered for a job; another aspect is their body language. Interviewees will not only be measured on their verbal communication skill but also their non-verbal skills. Body language says a lot about a candidate attitude and ability. Such how they sit in a chair and how they maintain eye contact. It is important to enter the interviewing room confidently, approaching the interviewer with a smile and a handshake. ...read more.

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