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Employers and Employees rights

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NAME: Lashana Ricketts FORM: 11 MR TEACHER: Mrs. Vaughan INTRODUCTION: In this piece of course work I am going to describe, using examples from Shropshire county council, the rights of the employer and its employees. I am also going to explain using examples of how the they resolve the disagreements with its employees over rights of employment or working conditions. Then I am going to evaluate the extent to which Shropshire ensures that a good working relationship exist between the employers and employees. 1. Describe the employer and employee rights of the business you have investigated in detail and give examples. We as employers and employees at Shropshire county council are protected by numerous amount of laws Some of these laws are: Equal pay act 1963 This allows us as employees to get a fair share in pay. ...read more.


This will allow us to get compensation. If fired this will also allow us to also get our job back at Shropshire. Health and Safety act This is there for both we the employees and our employers. Not only are we protected by this act we are also responsible for the health and safety for the other members of staff. E.g. in the computer rooms we must act responsible for not permitted to smoke in non-smoking areas, if done this could affect other members of staff. 2. State how the business resolves its disagreements with employees in connection with employment and working conditions. When disputes occur at Shropshire the management will try to follow the correct procedure. Wherever possible the issue is dealt with by managers within the council. ...read more.


3. State the weaknesses and strength on the ways that your chosen business ensures a good working relationship with the employer and its employees. Weaknesses If you are suspended for something that you didn't do then, you can be the one who feel guilty. So I think that they should really investigate and make sure that they have the right substantial evidence before they fire or suspend the employee. Strengths It is abiding the law. All the actions that are taken are legal, and the victim could get compensation. Another strength is that there is access to the right information and there is also a department that will give people advice. > NET--> http://www.osbornebooks.co.uk/pdf/intermediate_business_1.pdf Date (18/10/04) > NET--> http://www.davidjreed.com/Corporate/business_types.htm Date (18/10/04) > BOOK--> GCSE Applied Business--> AUTHORS--> Michael Fardon, Chris Nuttall, John Prokopiw -->UNIT 1-->NUMBER--> 5&6 -->from pages 42-61 Date (18/10/04) > LEAFLET-->Shropshire County council case study -->page 121 Date (18/10/04) ...read more.

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