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Enterprise Rent A Car - Business Coursework

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Enterprise Rent A Car In the case of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Selling the Dream, the area manager for the Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Dean Pittman is faced with a marketing decisions to be made. After interviewing a potential employee, it was discovered that the Enterprise image is lacking and most graduating college students do not have a positive view of their business. When speaking with the CEO Andy Taylor, Dean suggested that a new marketing analysis be done to improve on their recruiting. Since recruiting the right people for training is such a central issue to the future success of the company, marketing the company better to the public is the key to improving the company's image. To begin, an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company will show a brief look at how the organization is functioning. Following will be some key problems and recommended solutions. Enterprise has many strengths that has given them recent success. Being ranked by Fortune magazine as the 37th best company out of 50 can be attributed to their central interest in the employees. Enterprise has a strong training system that allows employees to move up quickly with the opportunity to advance their salary very quickly. ...read more.


On top of that, the prospect of cleaning cars and working over 50 hours a week may not be appealing to future employees. Once interviewees learn of the hard hours involved, they may be turned off before they hear more about the benefits. Another problem that they could potentially face would be a leveling out in their profits if they cannot recruit new people into the organization. They've experience continued growth since opening in 1962 and may encounter flat sales if they don't continue to push the bar on their already demanded employees. After reviewing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a few problems with Enterprise can be identified. One problem and the most crucial is the lack of recruiting done by the organization. Another problem is the low awareness of the company brand image and low awareness of their services to the customers. A third problem is threat of their competition entering the market segment that Enterprise has prided itself in differentiation. Another problem Enterprise faces is not diversifying their operations to other market segments. In order to conquer these problems, a few alternatives and solutions may be helpful. First, the most crucial problem of recruiting could be remedied by a very likely creative and interactive presentation that will attract the attention of college grads at career fairs highlighting the benefits of high pay. ...read more.


In conclusion, Enterprise has built itself on customer service and being a convenient source of transportation located in neighborhoods near the consumer for over 30 years. Their increase in revenue could be in jeopardy if they don't recruit hard-working individuals that are not afraid of getting a little dirty once in a while or going out of their way for a customer. To help refresh their business, a new recruiting campaign should be created with many interactive materials and should be launched nationwide. To help increase awareness without spending a fortune, Enterprise can best utilize their database by sending out a brief mailer to current customers notifying them of some other benefits and services that they have to offer. Enterprise is a solid company with a positive reputation, but the public just is not aware of it. They should market themselves as the friendly, low cost, neighbor that is there for service. Questions: 1. Does Enterprise already have a marketing use for their database or is it strictly for rental car information. Would it be costly to include a few questions about the consumer to the database? 2. What other markets can Enterprise be a pioneer in? Is there any room for a new market segment or is it already saturated? Shanda Boyles Marketing 4322-501 8/30/04 ...read more.

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