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Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix with respect to business and marketing objectives for an Italian cafe.

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D1: Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix with respect to business and marketing objectives for the selected organisation. In this assignment, I will evaluate and justify the use of appropriate promotional mix in relation to business and marketing objectives for a selected organisation. I will describe in detail why I chose particular promotional material to meet business and marketing objectives and analyse the strengths and weaknesses based upon the promotional mix I have used. The selected organisation I have chosen will be 'Italian Fiesta', which is a campaign I had to promote as part of assignment 3. Italian Fiesta is a local caf� in which it had been refurbished by its new owners in an 'Italian' style theme. The owner wanted to attract more business people to shop at the local caf� where they offered breakfast and lunch, this to increase the number of customers to shop more than once a day. Although we were under the timescale of a month in which we had to promote the business, we were also given a limited budget of �2000, in which we had to resource ourselves in order to promote the Italian based caf�. ...read more.


The leaflet we designed had a bright Italian background (in the form of the Italy colours), indicating immediately to the consumer that the caf� is Italian based, which is probably the most important factor to inform the customer about. We made sure that the leaflet was specifically designed and had the relevant information such as the location of the caf� and the products that the caf� were going to sell. This is vital to clear as misleading customers about products that the caf� doesn't sell could lead to the business losing customers. We also had to include contact information so that customers could maybe phone in the caf� to order food or to see whether the caf� is open. We used pictures so that consumers are able to get a feel of some of the products that the caf� has on offer. We placed this on the front (main) side of the leaflet so that it is eye catching to the consumer as soon as they see the leaflet. We made 1500 printout leaflets as they can be easily distributed around the local area and are the most common method of promotion used by a business of a similar stature. ...read more.


The reason behind this decision was that we believed that consumers would be more likely to read a poster that had a limited amount of writing on the poster rather than having a 'jammed' pack poster full of writing and fewer pictures. By just stating the important points and more use of pictures proved to be more eye catching for us and potential consumers. This could help achieve the aims of this organisation as students and working class people could notice this poster when they shop at local newsagents or public areas when they go to work or college. Although these won't be distributed to houses like leaflets, they will be situated at public areas such as on buses or some of the local shops nearby. This would increase customer awareness of the business on a whole or be a drawback as some people like the elderly who do not shop as often as other student are more likely to miss the poster rather than students who walk past on a day to day basis. Flyers For flyers more money which mean better promotion TV radio, more time, better use of materials, mention customer having free coffee when they complete research for questionnaire, constraints, link all to aims and objectives ?? ?? ?? ?? Business BETC Level 3 Unit 9 ...read more.

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