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Evaluate the different approaches to leadership adopted by the characters in the case study - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership displayed at County General?

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Essay 3 Organisational Behaviour Evaluate the different approaches to leadership adopted by the characters in the case study. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership displayed at County General? The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the different approaches to leadership adopted by the characters at County General in the case study. I will apply appropriate leadership theory I will also explain what are the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership displayed within the Hospital. The essay will finish with a conclusion in which I will summarise all findings and clearly show all major factors to consider suggestions for improvement within the hospital administrative staff. According to Mullins (1999) Leadership can be defined ' it is a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people'. Leadership is related to the process of communication, interpersonal behaviour and motivation. Successful leadership is a two way process which influences both individual and organisational performance and importantly reduces employees dissatisfaction. Leadership is vitally important at all levels within County General Hospital, being from the Admin Director (Bill Humphreys) to the junior Admin staff. There are various approaches to leadership that have been identified in the hospital. Daphne had worked herself up in the hierarchy, hence has roughly 30 years experience. As the Senior Administration Manager (SAM) ...read more.


As he focuses on structure, strategy, implementation, experimentation and adaptation of the Helping Hands Initiative for the workers. The types of leadership seemed different in every department, but As Daphne had a 'reputation for being able to keep calm in a crisis'. It also appeared that as long as her department was running smoothly she wasn't concerned about the others. She says 'Don't be so melodramatic' and states 'You just need to make sure you keep all you medics and PAMs in line like I do' saying its an improvement for her staff as they 'can understand what to do in any given role within her department'. Job rotation was firmly supported by staff as they thought it would give them' a greater understanding of the department's operations' Before admin staff reported to one manager but under the new reorganisation they were put into teams and were supported by all staff by a particular area of the departments. As a result the staff were responsive to whoever was in charge of the area. This could be anyone from a consultant to a PAM or an administrator. Accordingly the problem develop into reporting responsibilities, everyone thought that they were in charge. 'The junior admin staff are getting pulled in six different directions at once'. staff unauthorised absences went up 20% and the 'best admin officers handed in their resignations'. ...read more.


Therefore this shows that others in her department thought she did not really deserve the award, she was also the first one to choosing the option of health spa for herself whilst the previous winners chose an option with their admin colleagues. Basically staff will not get motivated in their job roles if they believe that the award being handed to an undeserving person. Also the fact that previous award was shared and not this one may lead to team is isolating that member thus fragmenting the team. This will lead to the team morale and maintenance needs being affected in adverse way due to the initiative. Lastly I will summarise all findings and clearly show all major factors that will influence the motivation of the administrative team deriving from the initiative. My main findings are that leadership can only be improved with the hospital by better organisation and the leader will need to interrelate the demand of the task and the team as well as those of individual members. This means being directive when it is necessary; giving praise and constructive feedback when people need it; ensuring everyone and everything it operating to its full potential. This includes that they are clear about their objectives. The initiative works as a satisfier and gives staff the feeling of recognition and accomplishment it also motivates staff by rewarding them in a way, which improves employee morale. The feeling that staff gained by the award felt them will feeling of self-fulfilment. ...read more.

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