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Evaluate the impact of the organisational structure of the business.

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Unit 1 Business at work Assignment:-Caspian A1 Evaluate the impact of the organisational structure of the business. Leadership is an aspect of management which can be classed as management styles. The leader is the person who explains to the group what exactly they have to offer the people they will have control over. Leaders have to also have good social skills and understanding. Managers at every level need to have leadership qualities in order to bring the best out of those for whom they are responsible for. There are 6 types of leadership skills involved in the working environment:- * Autocratic leaders- These people take all decisions with very little or no consultation. Their very strict and doesn't ask for the opinions of other workers. * Democratic leaders- These people take great care to involve all members of the team so that everyone has a say. * Consultative leaders- Very similar to the democratic approach but instead of allowing the group to make the decision, they do so themselves. * Laissez-Faire leaders- These do as little as possible to lead and have allowed the group to take control. ...read more.


they do not change their behaviour Culture is the way of life and is important to a workforce and is determined by the values, emotions, attitudes and beliefs although the culture at Caspian seems to be quite poor because we would expect a small company of 48 workers to have a much closer relationship and be their for each others needs. Caspian is a small company with about 48 workers, with 5 years trading and there is very little room for flexibility, so strong leadership is required at a firm like Caspian. In a small business there isn't anywhere to hide and most people have to do a variety of jobs. SPAN OF CONTROL This refers to the number of people a manager is responsible for and has authority over, (a measurement of how many staff each supervisor has control over). Organisations that have a short chain of command tend to have wider spans of control. This produces a flat organisation structure because it has a hierarchy with fewer levels of management. FLAT ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Through flat organisational structures are generally desirable, there is a limit to the number of subordinates who can be placed under one superior. ...read more.


This applies even if the subordinate does not personally undertake the actual work. Disadvantages * It can involve a very long chain of command instructions may take a considerable time to filter from the top and impact on production, which can be an important drawback if the organisation operates in a rapidly charging market. * The flow of information back up a long chain to management may be a lengthy process, causing a considerable delay before problems are identified and tackled. Advantages * It is a hierarchical structure which is simple to understand- staff no precisely where they are in the structure, who can allocate work to them and to whom they are responsible. * Managers have a clear understanding of the roles of people when allocating work and spend less time monitoring work because subordinates are not distracted or confused by instructions from other sources. Evaluation Caspian at the moment is a small company so a flat organisation suits them better but if in the future Caspian would like to expand their workforce (so that there's more people working on the team) they should use a tall organisational structure so that they can still earn more profits. By Corene Smickle ...read more.

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