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Evaluate The Present Marketing Mix Of T-Mobile And Make Recommendations For The Development Of The Marketing Mix In The Future.

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Evaluate The Present Marketing Mix Of And Make Recommendations For The Development Of The Marketing Mix In The Future. Aim To evaluate the present marketing mix of the mobile phone company T-Mobile and make recommendations for future development of the marketing mix. I am going to go about this by first of all finding out as much as I can about T-Mobile's activities through primary and secondary research then with that information create a survey to gain responses from the public. The results from the survey will be sent to the exam board and analysed along with about 6000 other surveys from students doing this coursework. These results will be compiled into one big database then it will be sent to every school for the students to use. Because lots of people have taken part in this survey the results should be more accurate than if fewer people did it. From the results of the overall database I will make recommendations to T-Mobile for the future development of their product range, pricing strategies, positioning around the country and their promotional activities. ...read more.


In April 2003, the company joined forces with Telefonica Moviles and TIM to create joint services in roaming, voice, data and mobile Internet as well as handset development and procurement. The alliance was further strengthened in June 2003 when Orange announced its participation. T-Mobile also teamed up with Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica Moviles to form Simpay, allowing people to buy low-cost items via their mobile phone account. This collaborative approach has helped T-Mobile establish the world's largest GPRS roaming footprint covering 27 countries and puts it firmly on track to achieving its strategic aim of being among the top three players worldwide. In the UK, one of the most competitive markets in mobile telecommunications, T-Mobile has over 12.5 million subscribers from the 10.75 million it had when the company re-branded in 2002. The Present Marketing Mix of What is the Marketing Mix? The marketing mix is the four things that together decide what market a company gets. These four things are product, price, place and promotion. Depending on what the company does within these four things will determine their target market. ...read more.


Prices Best price �59.90 Number of retailers 14 retailers Display Colour screen Yes Number of colours 4096 Touch screen No Connectivity Bluetooth No IrDA No Camera Camera Yes, Integrated Resolution 352x288 pixels Camcorder No Design Alarm Yes Available colours, fascias Aquamarine, Titanium and Grenadine Features Display size 101x80 pixels Ringtones (fixed + variable) 16 Polyphonic ringtones Yes Modem Yes Fax/Data Yes Voice dialling Yes Vibrate alert Yes Games Yes Radio No Predictive text (T9) Yes E-mail Yes Network features EMS Yes MMS Yes GPRS Yes WAP Yes WAP version/security 1.2.1 Power source Battery li-ion Standby time 250 hours Talk time 6.0 hours Measures Weight 86 grams Volume 105.0 cm3 Dimensions 109x46x21 mm The Product Life Cycle This graph shows the time a product has been out to the amount of sales that product has made. As time goes on the product passes through 7 stages. The red dot signifies where the Siemens MC60 is in its life. As you can see from the graph this product is moving out of the maturity stage and into the saturation stage. Generally phones have a short life cycle because they are a fasion item and fasions change quickly. Music CDs are similar to phones their life cycle is short because new CDs are released and people become bored of the old music. ...read more.

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