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Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of psychometric testing within employee selection as a tool of workforce management?

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BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCE ESSAY Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of psychometric testing within employee selection as a tool of workforce management? NAME: Sabiha Jeebhai STUDENT NO: COURSE: Business Administration YEAR: 1 COURSECODE: Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of psychometric testing within employee selection as a tool of workforce management? Work organisations consist of different types of people working together in the same environment, thus a certain level of understanding needs to be maintained in order to deal with different people. This will help improve the management of people in a workplace, and allow employees to communicate with each other and carry out jobs efficiently. Thus organisations need to consider carefully when selecting workers during recruitment, as personalities and attitudes of individuals effect the working environment. Various types of procedures are used when selecting employees, interviews have previously been a common way of recruiting staff. This can be supported by Robertson et al who found that in UK 80% of companies used interviews (Arnold et al, 1998 p169). However recently psychometric testing has increased in popularity and has been recognised as an efficient tool for all round assessment. ...read more.


The tests are also easy to administer and some can be given and scored by the computer giving immediate results which can be less time consuming for employers and subjects. However it can be argued that this type of assessment can have many drawbacks, which could lead to misleading results and prove to be a disadvantage for companies. Although it is a scientific test it can still be challenged in terms of its reliability as to whether they produce valid results on which people can be judged, a major problem is that they can be used in the wrong way. The tests can be manipulated by the individuals in which, they can fake their personalities. To do this they only guess what the employers require and create false impressions in order to secure themselves a job. The subjects can also lie and randomly select answers for personnel reasons and not take the test seriously. This can lead to negative effects and result in employers choosing unsuitable employees for the job and effect the firms data. However to avoid this some of the better tests tend to have built in mechanisms to guard against these errors. ...read more.


of this test is opposed by trade union congress as they dismiss them to be "gimmicky, unfair and a blunt instrument" which may increase laziness amongst employers (Guardian Newspaper March 2003 p2). The employers may not take the tests and the whole employment procedure seriously which could cause loss for organisations. Further it can also be argued that the tests can never be totally free of inaccuracies in the same way as other methods of selection that are used such as interviews as they can also include bias and unfair treatment. Test producers themselves agree that it is quite possible to fake a psychometric test, thus they are not very reliable and produce inaccurate results. Also due to many simplistic questions people are unable to put forward their qualities in their own way. But there is no doubt that it is a valid way of assessing people if used in the right way, however it should be only part of the whole selection procedure. This is because it is hard to identify somebody through profiles and tests, but with more detailed analysis through an interview can make it easier to select an individual and make employee selection easier to get a better working environment. ...read more.

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