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Evaluate Tom's suggestion to employ an HR specialist at Accountco

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MODULE TITLE - Human Resource Management WORD COUNT - 1985 SATURDAY 11TH DECEMBER, 2004. REFAPU/HRM0412/11 Mr. Adam Smith Senior Partner Accountco London Dear Mr. Smith, Please find enclosed an initial report on the potential requirement for a Human Resource Specialist in Accountco's. This report seeks to: * Review the operating environment of Accountco * Identify the issues that may be challenges to Accountco * Show the relationship of human resource management and strategic business objectives * Indicate the possible role and impact of an hr specialist in Accontco We trust the findings of this report will assist in charting a direction for your organization Respectfully submitted #0363205/1 H.R Consultant ACCOUNTCO CASE STUDY EVALUATE TOM'S SUGGESTION TO EMPLOY AN HR SPECIALIST AT ACCOUNTCO Background Accountco a small accountancy firm based in the south of England where unemployment is low. The firm I comprised of four partners and twenty-five staff. In business for over fifty years the firm boasts of a solid reputation in the local area. Business Norms Work is organized through informal systems of consultation with Adam Smith (founder and senior partner) and his brother playing key roles. There exists as such, an absence of rigid rules and practices. ...read more.


planning process to tweak and change it so that it will be more responsive to the firm meeting its goals and objectives Situation Analysis The strategic planning process will involve a situation analysis where a complete diagnosis of the firm's activities, successes and challenges are appraised. This involves performing a SWOT analysis and should reveal the gaps that exist versus the larger firms in its staff recruitment and retention ability. This analysis will not only highlight the human resource functions weaknesses of the firm but will also highlight the opportunities. Here, the human resource consultant will be able to lead and direct discussions on the specific human resource challenges facing the firm and how these could affect the firm in accomplishing its mission and reaching its vision. It is expected that priorities will be developed at this stage and that strategies be developed to address them. The partners will then be better able to arrive at a consensus on the company's culture, its target audience and its unique qualities. This information is vital in formulating staff retention and recruitment strategies. Recruitment Policies One of the major priorities in pursuit of the mission and vision will be the enhancement of the human resource at Accountco. ...read more.


A small firm does not have the latitude of making poor selections as the cost of removing and hiring a next person is quite high, thus all efforts must be made in making the right selection at the start. Summary The need for a human resource consultant at Accountco is clear, no one at the firm has the experience and the knowledge to affect the changes in the human resource function that is needed for the survival of the firm. A consultant is preferred over an in-house human resource specialist as the cost of the latter is prohibitive in a small firm. The process must involve strategic planning as the core as the firm need to reposition its business thinking and strategies to meet the turbulent changes of the day and to be successful in the future. The best recipe for the retention of experienced of old staff and the recruitment of new should revolve around the firm meeting the professional and personal growth of its employees. That is, a friendly, supportive and flexible work environment that promotes intellectual growth. Also, its recruitment strategies must include the use of series of marketing media - career fairs, trade shows, sponsorship programmes, newspaper and magazine advertising. ...read more.

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