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Evaluation of a 6 task business project

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FOR: Alec Fergus (Manager) REF: 022023 FROM: Maynaka Maheswaran (Assistant Manager) DATE: 22/06/07 EVALUATION 1. INTRODUCTION The manager asked me to prepare the report, evaluating my coursework. The report is being prepared because the manager wants all the information in one document. It is an easy way for the manger to receive relevant information. The report will be handed in straight to the manager and it will be done as soon as possible. 2. FINDINGS 2.1 - TASK 1 In task 1, I created a Logo, Business card, Compliment slip and Letterhead. These are important because they tell people where my business is and what my business is like. If I don't have business stationary then there will be no contact between the business and clients. No-one would come to my business. My logo looks professional. This is because of the colour. I used blue because it is business like, it is a cool colour and it is calm. My business is called Job link so I designed 3 circles which are linked with each other. One circle represents the client, second circle represents the business and third circle is the employment agency. I used Paint for the logo because I needed to change the colour to make the blue colour look business like. Looking at my logo it is easy to understand the way I have designed my logo that way. The problem with my logo is that there is no line it so it was difficult to measure the logo. To solve the problem I put a border around my logo so it is easy to measure. I used Microsoft Word to paste my work and to add a header and footer. I also used Microsoft Publisher for the business card, compliment slip and letterhead. I used Publisher because it is quick and easy to use. The advantages of the stationary to the business are that customers will know which business it is, they will know where it is that will make people come to the business. ...read more.


The advantages to a business of using mail-merged letters are that they are quick and easy to use because the name and address is changed but the letter is the same. These are printed out and sent. The disadvantages to business of using the mail-merge are that it doesn't sound personal and friendly because the same information is in each letter and the only things that are changed their name and address. The information in the letter can be long and people won't want to read if it is very long information. For the e-mail I used Microsoft Word. I used a blank e-mail message. The problem was I couldn't use the Heston Community School e-mail address because I forgot my password so I used Microsoft Word. I did work well making the E-mail and I followed the instructions. For the database search I used Microsoft Access so it was easy to sort out. The problem was that I needed to make sure that I copied the work properly because I had made spelling mistakes. In the letter I used the letterhead format form task 1 and I used the Microsoft Word. The problem was that I had lots of space at the bottom of the letter so I added a bit more information and moved some information around so it did not look like one paragraph. I had to space the letter out so it looked right. I did well with my letter and put in a bit more information. For the Mail-merge I used the Microsoft Word and Mail Merge Wizard. The problem was that I didn't put the postcode in the mail merged letter so I needed to go back and to add the postcode details. I needed to make sure the address was right. I did well with my letter because it looks business like. I was pleased with my letter. ...read more.


I did well to search them, put some information in it and my application form is look business like. I added a hyperlink which was www.upmystreet.com I used this website because it was easy to use and to find the businesses that were close to me. For the agency search I used Microsoft Word to collect the information about the competition in the area close to my business. I used the internet to search for competition close to my business. The problems I had were when I copied from the internet and pasted onto Microsoft Word it was too spaced out so I needed to sort it out and put it together. I worked to use the internet to search and then to paste the information into Microsoft Word. 3. CONCLUSION This coursework was useful because I learnt lots of things. To complete this coursework I used a variety of different software including Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word and paint I learnt how to create business stationary and it was my first time making this. I also learnt what information is needed and how to layout an Application Form. I understand how to make a report by putting in their personal details in the database. I learnt that an e-mail is informal but a mail merged letter is formal. I understand how to advertise to the employers and report on different types of jobs for the manager. I searched the internet to find out the people who live near to my business. I created my website in Publisher that included the welcome page, the application form, employment data and a search my location page. In this coursework I did lots of things well. These included my logo because it is business like and it is professional. In the registration form I put all the information on one page. In the database I made the fields so that the information fit in each column. I made the advert but it didn't look business like so I had to change it to look business like. ...read more.

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