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Evaluation the implications of a current business issue on Human Resource Management.

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268CBS Aspects of HR Career Management By Daniel Clewer Alem Ngulungu Contents Page Introduction 3 Career Management 3 Example of a Large Organisation (BA) 6 Example of a Medium Organisation (Coventry Football Club) 6 Recruitment and Selection 7 Example of a Small Organisation (A B Window Cleaning Service) 7 Conclusion 8 Introduction Career Management plays an important role in every organisation's operations. Career management involves "planning and shaping the progression or movement of individuals within an organisation by aligning employee preferences and potential with organisational resourcing needs"1. Career Management seeks "to get and keep the talented people it needs."2 For an organisation to maintain these employees they will have to look at a large range of factors concerning the employees career to ensure that they are motivated and want to remain within the organisation in the future to allow for management succession and help to achieve both individual and organisational aims and objectives. Career Management Career management seeks to make its staff as beneficial to the organisation as possible. To do this the organisation looks at its workers and tries to make them as influential on the organisation as possible. Career management is designed to help your true career and salary potential, helping to develop the expertise and knowledge to secure your next position and provide unlimited support to achieve the optimum result. ...read more.


BA have said that these changes were needed to cut down on the high levels of sickness. The strike was also due to happen due to the complaints of low starter pay rates. Pay is very important within an organisation as staff need to feel that they are being paid the correct amount for what they are doing. There are always going to be some staff unhappy with the money that they are on and will always be after more so a balance is important. If staff leave an organisation then this causes problems for employers. It will have an effect on the labour turnover and if too many staff leave then this will become very high. When people look at applying for a job then they may realize this and might effect whether they choose to apply or not. With people leaving the organisation then there are going to be recruitment costs including advertising costs. Recruitment has both monetary and non-monetary effects on the organisation. It is very expensive to recruit staff as they have to go through the process of advertising, interviewing and then appointing. Having new staff in a workplace also effects morale as it causes change and many staff (especially older staff that are used to operations being the same) ...read more.


This is likely to have a positive effect on the organisation however it could have a negative one as it does result in change and this will affect people depending upon which stage of their career they are in. If they are in stage three then they are likely to be happy where they are currently and not want to develop new skills and progress through the organisation. A B Cleaning services is going to deal with career management but only at an extremely small scale. The organisation will want to try and ensure that its staff remain within the organisation and that they are motivated but will not go to any real measures to try an ensure this. If its staff did leave then the organisation would be able to find another cleaner with relative ease as they are likely not to have needed training before the job. Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9 1 Armstrong M (2006) a handbook of human resource management practice. 10th edition. Great Britain: Cambridge University Press. 2 Kings College (2005) aim of career management [online] available from <http://www.kcl.ac.uk/about/structure/admin/pertra/paymod/cm.html> (12th January 2007) 3 Opax (2006) definition of motivation [online] available from <http://opax.swin.edu.au/~388226/howto/it2/motiv1.htm> (16th January 2007) 4 Maslow's Hierarchy (2006) available from <http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/graphics/maslow.gif> (24th January 2007) ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Clewer 1540923 Alem Ngulungu 1541997 1 ...read more.

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