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Evaluationof the Human Resources department within Sainsbury’s.

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Evaluation of the Human Resources department within Sainsbury's Human Resource Management is a very important aspect to the way in which Sainsbury's compete against other organisations. The way that the organisation competes is mainly down to the staff it employs and the training, developing and motivating it gives to staff contributes to how the entire business succeeds. Although Human Resource Management is time-consuming and expensive it has helped and will carry on helping Sainsbury's keep its competitive advantage over other firms in the same market, e.g. Tesco. Each aspect of Human Resource Management is used to its full potential when Sainsbury's deal with current and future staff: * Human Resource planning * Recruitment & Selection * Training & Development * Performance management Human Resource Planning enables Sainsbury's to consider the future of the well being of the firm in years to come. ...read more.


The job description and person specification helps the personnel dealing with this process eliminate the candidates least suitable for the job on offer leaving the candidates who are best suited for the job to be interviewed. However, if the company were to eliminate some candidates who were actually best suited for the job and pick the wrong ones for interviewing then they would soon find themselves doing the process all over again. This can be even more costly for Sainsbury's in terms of money as well as time so to prevent such a thing happening Sainsbury's personnel should use all of the documentation effectively, and the time and money wisely. Training and developing staff is a key factor to help employees gain extra skills, which contributes to helping Sainsbury's compete at a higher level. Like the recruitment and selection process training and developing is time-consuming and expensive so it is important to invest the time and money in those that need the training most. ...read more.


By undertaking performance management Sainsbury's can check whether the employees are happy in their job, this contribute to the motivating aspects of employees. If Sainsbury's were to find that certain employees were not happy in their job then it is the job of the manager(s) to motivate these employees by encountering the reasons why this is. By this they can identify the strengths of the employees and also the weaknesses and it is up to the manager(s) to build on the strengths and cancel out the weaknesses. Motivation is an important factor of the performance of employees. Without motivation the individuals would find themselves in a hole that they need to be dug out of by the management or supervisors. To dig the employees out of this hole then managers must use motivational tactics to maintain a high work rate from the employees, this contributes to productivity levels and in turn maintains Sainsbury's competitive advantage. Pina R. Parmar Unit 4-Human Resources 1 ...read more.

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