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Examine the factors inherent in consumer buyer behaviour which marketing managers should consider in the marketing of consumer goods?

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2003. Examine the factors inherent in consumer buyer behaviour which marketing managers should consider in the marketing of consumer goods? General speaking, there are two sorts of questions, one is talking about the factors influencing on the consumer behaviour, another emphasizes on the reasons and the ways of adoption consumer-oriented strategies for marketing managers. Therefore, I am going to interpret both of questions together first, then discuss with you all on Monday's meeting. Honestly, I'm not sure how to answer each question using the preparation below. Definition Consumer buyer behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of final consumers - individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal consumption. It equals the decision process and acts of individuals involved in buying and using products. The important of understanding From the viewpoint of marketing philosophy, understanding consumer behaviour is good business. A basic marketing concept states that firm exits to satisfy consumers' needs. One of the definition of marketing is about understanding the needs of customer, anticipating what they require, and offering them the correct marketing mix in a way that is different to competitors' marketing strategies and programmes. ...read more.


* The family is the most important consumer buying organisation in society. Marketers have been researched extensively in the roles and influence of the husband, wife, and children on the different purchases. * The person's position in each group can be defined in terms of both role and status. The roles played by people are related to the persons around them and each of roles reflects a status given to it by society. So people often choose products that show their status in society. Personal factors A buyer's decisions are influenced by personal characteristics such as the buyer's age and life cycle stage, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle, and personality and self-concept. * People change the goods and services they buy over their lifetime. Marketers often define their target markets in terms of life cycle stage and develop appropriate products and marketing plans for each stage. If doing so, the firm is able to create brand loyalty early and to develop long-term relationships. * Consumer lifestyles - the whole pattern of acting and interacting in the world - are also important influence on purchase decision. ...read more.


Depending on its goals and resources, a company may choose to focus on just one segment or several, or implement a mass-market strategy. There are four commonly used bases for segmenting consumer markets. The first two are geographic and demographic segmentations are physical attribute classification, which refer to the dividing of an overall market into homogeneous groups based on characteristics, such as country region, population location, age, sex, and income lever. On the other hand, psychographic and behavioural segmentations are behavioural or psychological attribute classification, which refer to the dividing of a market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle, personality, or consumer knowledge, attitude, use and response to a product. Moreover, emerging developments, such as the new emphasis on relationship marketing and the practice of database marketing, mean that marketers pay more attention to the wants and needs of different consumer groups. Marketing's impact on consumers Marketing activities exert an enormous impact on individuals, because everybody is surrounded by marketing stimili in the form of advertisements, shops and products competing consumer's attention. Especially, marketing can create and communicate popular culture and public policy issues. Hence, marketers should use the marketing tools properly and have responsibilities for the whole society development. The goal is to get closer to consumers. ...read more.

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