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Examples of business email communications

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´╗┐COMMUNICATIONS AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS ASSIGNMENT Submitted to Prof. soni karekar BY APOORVA POTLURI PROV/12/058 ROLL NO-6 SECTION-A 1. You work for a translation agency. You can translate legal contracts into any language . costs $300 per 1000 words. A job o more than 5000 words will take a week. If it is more urgent than a week the cost will be a lot higher. EMAIL TO : XYZ@HMAIL.COM CC : SUBJECT : prevailing charges ? regarding. ATTACHMENTS : Respected Mr XYZ, In response to your enquiry regarding the current translation rates I have mentioned them briefly for your reference. A translation of a thousand words costs $300. ...read more.


EMAIL TO : XYZRENTAL@XMAIL.COM CC : SUBJECT : booking 4 vans for two days ? regarding. ATTACHMENTS : Respected sir, I am a florist and my shop is located at no.2 block 4, the fifth cross ,hamburg. I have received a large umber of orders due to the Christmas season. Thus have many express delivery orders to fulfill that too in bulk. Hence I need four vans either by today or utmost by tomorrow. I am not familiar with the current rates but I am willing to pay 100 euros per van per day. If the rate has to be changed please do contact me else I will consider this price fixed. Please do confirm my request as soon as possible. ...read more.


To avail this facility a 50% non refundable deposit of the entire cost must be made six months before the proposed meeting date as our conference spaces are in huge demand . This period of advance can be modified under special circumstances at the dicretion of the general manager . No deposit is required for bed and breakfast facilities but only an amount of $1000 is charged per day for bed and breakfast of five people. We are grateful that you chose to consider our hotel for your annual general meeting. We will make sure to make it a grand success. Please confirm the reservation as soon as possible. Feel free to contact me for any further assistance. Thank you. Yours sincerely Xxxxx Conference organizer Lake View Hotel Bangalore ...read more.

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