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Exercise Initiative in a Business Environment

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BSBCMN301A: Exercise Initiative in a Business Environment LEADERSHIP AT LENARDS Assessment NO.1: Written Report Moreton Institute of TAFE Mt Gravatt Deema Hamoud 4190067404 Ray Walsh 07.06.04 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Objection of Report 4 3. Research 4 3.1 Research; Survey 5 4. Background Information 6 4.1 Background Information; the situation 6 5.1 Performance Criteria; Basic Requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation 7 5.2 Performance Criteria; the Organisations Occupational Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Programs 7 5.3 Performance Criteria; Identifying Hazards, Risk Assessment and Control 8 5.4 Performance Criteria; Organisation Consultive procedures 9 5.5 Performance Criteria; Consultation 10 5.6 Performance Criteria; Encouragement and Assistance 10 5.7 Performance Criteria; Training Needs 10 5.8 Performance Criteria; Strategies, Opportunities and Competencies 11 5.9 Performance Criteria; Hazards in the Work Area 11 5.10 Performance Criteria; Hierarchy of Control 11 5.11 Performance Criteria; Inadequacies in Existing Risk Control Measures 13 5.11 Performance Criteria; Safety Records 13 6. Conclusion 14 7. Recommendations 14 8. Appendices 15 1. Executive Summary Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace was introduced not only for employees but also for employers to help prevent the numerous work related accidents and to formulate a safe workplace for everyone. The regulation of the Occupational Health and Safety act covers all areas which may be harmful for everyone in the workplace, but a lot of people still suffer from incidents at work. This is due to the fact that workers do not take the regulations seriously, or that the employees and employers are not well-informed of the regulations. Either way, the issue of health and safety is important and employees of different work places can improve the situation by addressing their judgment of any problems to the management. The Occupational Health and Safety act relates to the protection of workers, it seeks to achieve this by recognizing that constructive employment relationships generate safe and healthy workplaces, and having an organized management of all hazards. ...read more.


This may require the company to purchase new and safe material, or even re-design the work place. 5.2 Performance Criteria; The Organisations Occupational Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Programs The current company policies, procedures and programs at PFM Removals are applied during the training of each employee, and refer to all hazards which relate to health and safety at work. The systems used while training the employees include being spoken to by a manager, a video, and few documents which are given to the employees to examine in their own time. The way the company policies, procedures and programs are communicated to the work team is not very efficient as employees do not have to take it seriously. Instead, employees should be tested on the policies, procedures and programs, every now and then so that it can be taken seriously. 5.3 Performance Criteria; Identifying Hazards, Risk Assessment and Control Identifying Hazards The first stage to safe manual handling, risk identification, is the method of identifying the tasks which are likely to be a risk to health and safety so they can become efficiently examined and assessed. There are three main steps to risk identification, the first step involves an analysis of the workplaces injury records, the second concerns consultation with the employees, and the last step is direct observation or inspection of the task or work area. This task particularly helps in identifying risks because of work inspections, audits and walkthrough surveys. Risk Assessment Risk assessment is the second stage to safe manual handling. There are many factors which need to be taken into account to ensure that all manual handling in workplaces are subject to risk assessment. All the factors are considered to be relevant to the employer, the employees or their representatives on health and safety issues. Risk assessment is mostly critical when an injury has occurred due to a specific work process or practice, and when a work process or practice is introduced. ...read more.


For example, Peter McRyan, a well known employee at PFM Removals started regularly leaving work due to back complaints. He went and saw a physio and they told him that the posture of his back was beginning to hunch. After he reported this to the management at PFM Removals they referred to the injury records and determined that this was not the first time this has happened. So research was carried and a resolution to the problem was made. Conclusion From having researched the many issues at PFM Removals, by referring to the codes of practice on manual handling and exploring other resources such as survey's, I have come to the conclusion that the Occupational Health and Safety act covers all areas which may be harmful for everyone in the workplace. The reason there are so many work related accidents is because most workers do not refer to the act, or take it seriously. Therefore it is believed that the importance of the Occupational health and safety act does not seem relevant to many workers until they have experienced their own situation, and the only way to resolve this is for the policies of the act to become more strict or somehow make workers more aware of the danger they may put themselves into by not following the act. The Occupational Health and Safety act was introduced for a reason, and a great reason it is for keeping the workplace a safe and healthy environment. Recommendations To improve the Occupational Health and Safety situation of manual handling, modern equipment and knowledge can be introduced, such as the replacement of hazardous materials or process's. In this circumstance, the hazardous materials are the heavy objects, and resources with wheels can carry heavy loads instead of the heavy loads being Manually Handled. Another way is to redesign the workplace. For the organisation to improve the situation they have to consider the cost and the benefits for the employees. ?? ?? ?? ?? 4 ...read more.

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