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Explain giving examples how Woolworths should go about HR Planning?

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Explain giving examples how Woolworths should go about HR Planning? (15) Human Resource Planning (HR) is the identification of the future labour requirements needed by a company and how these are going to be met. It is the process by which a company ensures that it has the right number and kind of people, in the right places at the right time, doing the things for which they are economically most useful. It is a method for determining future human resource requirements and developing action plans to meet them. It is defined as a strategy for the requisition, utilization, improvement and retention of an enterprise's human resources and it encompasses the subject concerned with the developing range of manpower policies, including those for recruitment, deployment, development and retention. The use of HR planning is a big issue for any company if they are to have enough staff to meet the future demand that the company may receive. The main issues to do with HR planning at Woolworths is that the company has a high labour turnover with many people moving on to a higher status job and the idea that people do not really want to work for the company which has resulted in large numbers of staff leaving the company. ...read more.


needed to work in the retail area that the business operates in, a combination of the performance review, this involves looking at the performance of all the employees within the organisation in order to identify staff potential and to identify where staff have more training needs. This will enable the business to. The use of the job analysis will enable the business enables the business to gather all of the information available about all of the jobs within the company, this information can then be used by the company to formulate the specific requirements that they will need of the staff for their future labour requirements. The use of the labour stock take will enable the company to find out the nature of what employees they will need in terms of the workforce in the future. The company would need to either recruit the employees from internal positions; particularly if people are needed from inside the organisation for promotional vacancies such as employees being promoters to department or even store managers. This would be the most viable option for the company in this case, because of the location of the company. ...read more.


In order to decrease the outflow of the labour fall out from the company there are two possible solutions, which the company could use to reduce the number of employees that are leaving the organisation. The first of these is to offer the employees a non financial incentive, the use of training should be given to the workers so they become multi skilled and are able to switch from one job to another if needed , this may perhaps lead to the employee being more motivated . Having an employee who can operate in more than one job will be of benefit to Woolworths as the need to bring in temporary workers to cover for illness will be reduced as will the labour costs for the company. Further training of the employees to fill different roles in the organisation may motivate them more to stay with the business rather than leave, as they may feel that the business has taken into consideration the interest of the employee. Linking to Maslows hierarchy of needs by providing for the higher needs such as esteem needs by giving the employees more involvement in the company perhaps motivating the workforce more and giving the employees more of a desire to stay at the organisation. Peter Styles ...read more.

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