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Explain how development in the consumers market have impacted on food retailing

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´╗┐To explain how development in the consumers market have impacted on food retailing Radical development in consumer market ? this means how fast the consumer market is changing Continuing changes ? this means that the market is frequently changing Customers? expectations and demands ? this is what the consumers want and what they expects from businesses Radical changes have had enormous changes on the consumers market especially though the last couple of decades. For example the way customers shop nowadays is really different compared to the way people used to shop years ago and this is due to huge development and changes that the consumer market has undergone. These days we have supermarkets and multi stores who sell almost every kind of food from many different countries around the world compared to years ago where we could only a certain type of food with a limited variety Despite all this the consumer market is still going through changes, the VARIETY of food coming from different cultures around the world is infinite. The fast food or take away for example have extended their varieties and availabilities. We can get a taste of Indian, Italian food or food from whatever countries whenever we want to because it is all readily available for us When it comes to ...read more.


Consumers will have a more relaxed timetable. Two or more cars household Having a car enables consumers to move more, the more they you can move with your car the more access you have to various and diverse food. With a car, customers can go wherever they want to obtain the food they fancy no matter how far it is. Also having a car enables the shoppers/consumers to buy more food and products since they have more space in their cars. Retailers also had to adapt to this change and to do so; they had to offer more parking spaces to customers for their cars. Giving more space to customers attracts shoppers since most people now do their shopping with their cars. Increased mobility With all the changes came also increased mobility which is the ability to move freely wherever one wants. This refers the fact of introducing a new cultural type of food from different countries. For example, people from Asia or Africa will bring their types of food preference and according to these; food retailers will start producing this kind of food. The UK food retail market have been influenced by this increased mobility food and is still continuing to do so. ...read more.


These staff help make shopping trips easy and enjoyable sometime for consumers because if you go shopping in a market and find it easy to locate every item on your list with clear and easily readable price tags you are more likely to go there every time you need to shop. Seasonal changes This refers to the type of food that consumers like to have during certain periods of the year. Seasonal changes continue to have a big effect on the consumer market like it always has. For example, in the summer, people like to purchase meat products to make barbecues and picnics outside just to enjoy the good weather. There are also celebration foods which people like to buy in order to have a complete celebration. Christmas for example, is the time where people consume a lot of Turkey meat and Satsuma. Some people feel like without these products, Christmas wouldn?t be complete and for others it is just a tradition. Halloween is the season for pumpkins, and at that time of the year, the consummation of pumpkins rises. Retailers have had to this by offering more seasonal products at the right at convenient times of the year. Most retailer even offer deals on seasonal product at the right time of the year ...read more.

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