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Explain how effective communications are helping the business to meet its aims and objectives.

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M3 Explain how effective communications are helping the business to meet its aims and objectives Hierarchical Businesses need good communications, in order to have more customers coming to there store. Good communication within the business is needed for employees to contact other member of staff to continue on processing the work. Customers might expect: * Good customer Service * Clean Boots stores * Deliveries to be fast * Help assistants to be around the store * Clean staff In order to meet these aims and objectives Boots need to have good communications skills with other employees. Now I will be writing about all the different ways they can obtain these skills and in what sort of communication they would use to interact with each other within the business. Here are some examples of how Boots would communicate within the business and for what reason. ...read more.


Clean Boots stores Businesses like Boots interact within each other for example if one of the aims and objective was to have a good sight of the store. The Boots store manager would have to somehow contact his employers. This could be done in many ways. One of the best examples is a notice board, which would tell the employees what time or day they would be doing their job roles. You might have an employee that doesn't need know communication due he might be a fulltime cleaner. Whereas you might have some people not doing fulltime cleaning and they may have a random job roles, which means they need to do the job roles what ever their store manager tells them to do. There are many other ways the businesses may communicate with each other in this case. ...read more.


But they would need to communicate with a bank because they would need to take �10 from Tom's bank account. The bank would communicate with Boots and will arrange to take the money. Help assistants to be around the store Boots have help assistants to help customers out. They would use the notice board method to let the employers know that they will be doing shelf stocking and helping customers out. The employer would go to the staff room every morning and clock in he would see the notice board and realize that the store manager had set him a ask to do. Many businesses nowadays use e, mail, fax, or Internet because they are quick and cheap. An advantage of e-mail is that you can send it to many people at once whereas if you were using letters it would take you days or weeks depending on how far you want the letter to go. These sort of communications save businesses time and money. Waseem Hussain ...read more.

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