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Explain How the Production process and quality assurance/control system used by the business helps it to add value to its product or service (Sainsbury's)

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Explain How the Production process and quality assurance/control system used by the business helps it to add value to its product or service Sainsbury has wide range of food products from toiletries to clothing's, newspapers to house stuff, electrical equipment and CD's and DVD's etc. Many of these products are manufactured. Sainsbury pays big brand suppliers to make their products and put Sainsbury's logo on. To make products of suitable standards and good quality, they have to go through several checks to ensure products are good. These include: * Quality Control: this is the old fashioned way to inspect food. It is confident with detecting and cutting out ingredients of products that falls below the standards. Sainsbury will loose money it will involve considerable waste as defective products are scrapped. Inspection and testing are the most common methods of carrying quality control. By scrapping the products out Sainsbury is showing its customers that they are providing goods with high inspected quality. * Quality Assurance: it occurs during and after the product. Quality Assurance ensures to see that the products are of high standards. Quality assurance prevents faults and defects on products. Quality standards should be maintained by following steps set out in a QA system. Quality Assurance involves providing customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it. If products are not good Sainsbury will loose much money. The more quality the product is the more goods are being able to be sold and they will have large amount of offers for customers. * Total Quality Control (TQM): TQM is a process which encourages everyone in the workplace to provide high quality in the product to provide customer satisfaction. The way the product is made the quality should improve. Sainsbury should plan and organize for improvements that take place. Sainsbury needs to make improvements and changes to the products to meet needs accurately. ...read more.


Sainsbury must look to alter changes of the food to customer's daily requirements. Sainsbury needs to be moving with customer's requirements and fashions to design products and services that exceed customer's needs. * Quality Circle: is a study group of volunteers who meet regularly to work on variety of operational and employee problems. They put ideas into action. This involves in-depth analysis, proposals for action and presentations to managements on what ought to be done. There are four main components of a quality circle framework: 1. A steering committee, staffed by senior managers, will make general policy and set up the framework and resources for the circles to operate within. 2. The facilitator is there to support the process in each of the circles as well as to provide an operational framework and guidance if required. 3. The circles leader will often be the unit supervisor and they will stimulate discussion within their circle within dominating it. Leaders need to be familiar with problem solving technologies and group dynamics. 4. The members of the circle. * Self Catering/inspection: this process involves the whole store. Employees are to look for any errors and do improvements on it. The employees are given the responsibility as they know the store better. Sainsbury has to have inspection so that standards are being met. It is cheaper for Sainsbury as they have to inspect for the goods and the store overall. This also involves mystery shoppers as they are employed by Sainsbury. The store is unaware of the mystery shopper until they receive a feedback from them. And this will produce results on how they did and what they need to improve. From this feedback they can improve on their work. * ISO 9000: this is used to decide on a supplier. It indicates potential customers that the quality procedures of the certificate holders are reliable and by implication they are capable of delivering consistently the promised quality product or service. ...read more.


Sainsbury has long term relationship with its suppliers and they will keep them. The suppliers will keep on sending high quality products. * Benchmarking: it is a method every organisations use to help them discover the best methods of carrying out process available and then using them in their own organisations. They can benchmark internally and externally. They will set standards for business process based on best practice. It also involves what customers consider excellent practice to be and finding out how the best companies create best practice. * Training and development: as quality improves dramatically in organisations they need to train and develop their employees. Organisations need to be trained in approached to quality such as total quality management and benchmarking. If individual employees want to help the organisation they will have to work continually with the organisation. Employees will be able to gain their personal skills. There are three types of production methods. These are: * Job Production: Job production is the term used to describe a situation where an organisation produces one or small number of items and where the product is smaller than in a project. The producer may want to work on several jobs at the same time for different groups of customers. Sainsbury needs to make sure that they keep having orders for new jobs to replace the ones that are nearly completed. Sainsbury can offer more to customers and more promotions to employees. * Batch Production: a number of identical or similar items are produced in a set or batch. Batch production involves work being passed from one stage to another. Each stage of production is highly planned. * Flow Production: this process is also referred to as mass production. This involves when computers are used regularly. Labour costs will be cheap as it will be all machine system. It can delay equipments if broke down. And expensive to fix it. ...read more.

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