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Explain the Responsibility of the Human Resources Department

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Explain the Responsibility of the Human Resources Department Within any business the Human Resources department is a vital functional area. The department's main role is to ensure the welfare of employees and make sure any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently whether internal or external. Although this is the main function of the department there are also a number of other roles the Human Resource department handles within a business: > Development and monitoring employee appraisal system > Overseeing industrial relations > Dealing with disciplinary > Paying Salaries > Redundancy > Training and development > Recruitment and selection All the above are typical functions carried out by the human resources department, as they are clearly linked to employees and problems they may have. Although the above are typical functions carried out by the human resources department there are sometimes other functions that are specific to certain businesses that have to be dealt with when they arise. HSBC I will be studying a part of HSBC that was formally known as Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch was set up in 2001 and aimed to revolutionise the way in which investors banked. In July 2002 HSBC took over 100% of the ownership of Merrill Lynch and it was now part of the HSBC group. The telephone call centre that was opened near Leamington Spa's 'Spa Park' created hundreds of jobs for people in the surrounding areas. ...read more.


HSBC take performance management very seriously and make sure the work and achievements made by employees do not go unnoticed. Every employee sets goals and objectives relevant to their job role to ensure they carry out their work in the best way possible. This is a very time consuming process but is a process that recognises that each employee is different and makes for a very efficient workforce. HSBC follow an inspiring culture known as 'CLICK' Client Driven - Their customers are the basis of everything they work towards Lead & Inspire - Each employee can make a difference Innovate - To stay ahead of competition HSBC need to be innovative in each department Commitment - HSBC believe that success can only be achieved through one another Knowledge - HSBC believe that knowledge is the most important thing they can invest into each of their employees. > Health and Safety at Work Laws and legislations are constantly changing and inevitably affect the way in which companies carry out their day-to-day business. The most frequently changing laws are those associated with health and safety. Companies must make sure they have concise fire safety instructions and the correct number of first aid boxes in relation to the amount of employees they have. Many employees now take first aid courses and for those that work around heavy machinery intense first aid training is a must to ensure their safety at all times. ...read more.


HSBC go through a very precise pattern when they need to recruit staff. First and foremost is the advertising. Usually they go through agencies or local newspapers. Once HSBC receive applications they call the chosen candidates in for an interview. The candidate is asked a series of questions relevant to the job role if these answers meet with HSBC's criteria then the candidate has a chance to go through to the selection stage. This is where HSBC selects the best and most qualified for the job. HSBC offer to secure the employees interests. These come in financial and non-financial benefits. Financial Benefits * Salary - this is the money the employee is paid for his or her work * Bonus - employees are rewarded if their performance has been exceptional * Sick Pay - if employees fall ill and it is confirmed by their doctor they are entitled to a certain amount of time off with pay * Pension - HSBC offer a range of pension plans for their employees so they can have a comfortable retirement * Health Insurance - the company offer this to each employee which is a comfort if they become ill Non-financial Benefits * Staff are always trained to give them extra skills * There is a restaurant at HSBC that offers a wide variety of food * All employees get free parking * HSBC offer a comfortable and modern work environment ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamie Maunder E1 2 ...read more.

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