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Explain what the what the principles and activities of your business are.

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Task1 * Explain what the what the principles and activities of your business are... The Wycombe District Council (WDC) is an organisation run by the government that provides a wide range of facilities in parts the Buckinghamshire County that is needed to build a community. Public spending e.g. council tax, pole tax, housing rent etc, funds a majority of these services. These vital needs for a community that I will be investigating are services such as housing, public transportation and leisure. HOUSING The need for housing takes priority over all the other needs in the community because without housing over half of today's population in Briton would be homeless. Because of this need the Council's objectives in providing this service are: * To provide affordable long term housing for identified community needs. * To provide sustainable and self- sufficient communities through housing initiatives. * Ensuring the provision of adequate range of accommodations to meet identified needs of the community. * I identifying sites to meet the Structure Plans allocating homes for the hosing needs. * Identifying and acquiring suitable sites where necessary for the development of affordable housing. The Wycombe and district council also provides accommodation for the homeless or people in danger of becoming homeless. If such situations were to occur, under the provision act of 1996 the WDC ha s a duty to help any legal citizen in such situation. ...read more.


Task 2 * Give a description of the work of the human resources department. ALso a description of the work of three other departments -excluding the customer services department... THE HUMAN RESOUCE DEPARTMENT. The Human Resources/Personnel department within any organisation is the department that deals with a majority of the company are internal and external affairs such as: recruitment, training, company polices, development within the company, promotions etc. After collecting some information about the human resources department at the WDC, I learned that they deal with a wide range of different topics, which are * Co-operate services * Recruitment * Management of project * Polices and development * Promotion of equal opportunities * Staff management with the trade union * Reward and establishment TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL DEPARTMENT The Transportation and Travel department at the Wycombe and District Council is responsible for the provision of public transport service in and around the High Wycombe district, services such as an organised bus service, to meet the needs of ordinary people who needs to needs to travel by public transport on a daily basis, e.g. for people to get to work school, work, college, to get to other destinations etc. Other services such trains are operated by a large rail network company called Chiltern Railways that run through out the southeastern part of Britton. Another means of public transport is the taxi service; which are all licencend by the council to operate under specified rules and regulation. ...read more.


The methods in which these can be done are through the internet, e-mailing, fax, telephone, answer machines, portable radio, beeper mobiles etc. The WDC also uses similar ways to communicate with their external contacts for various reasons such as a purchase order a enquires about their services etc, this can be done through face to face conversation, faxing, telephone, e-mailing etc. There are advantages and disadvantages that goes with some of the methods used to communicate e.g. With visual meetings, telephone or face to face conversation, it is more easier to be able to get an instant response or you can also give an impression or read the other persons body language. And the disadvantages can sometimes be more common than the advantages, methods such as e-mailing which has a time delay where the recipient can take a long time to respond which is the same for faxing, answer machines, beepers and telephone where the person may not be around to receive the call Task5 Explain the organisational structure of the business The organisational structure at the Wycombe District Council is set up into various departments in accordance to the service that is involved with the job role. Each department is department is managed and run by different members of the directing board. Below is a list of the different department and details of the services and job role that is undertaken. A copy of the WDC's organisation chart is put on a separate sheet with the rest of this assignment. How business work Denshloy Myrie ...read more.

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