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Explain why some UK companies are reluctant to invest in training and development. Do you consider these reasons to be valid?

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Explain why some UK companies are reluctant to invest in training and development. Do you consider these reasons to be valid? The rapid development of technology and in other areas have led companies' ability to replicate products more easily, and the rapidly expansion of the service sector has led the nature of consumers to demand high quality at the lowest prices. Both of these highlight the importance of gaining the competitive advantage through the labour force. A method through which a company could obtain this edge, is through training and development of their various skills. Its implementation and management concerns many concepts, esoteric and thus hard to emulate. Training and development can have many benefits to the organisation but they may be reluctant to do it as many barriers or factors that could prove the investment to be uneconomical exist. These factors are explained below, following a brief description of T&D and its benefits. How the factors can be tackled are discussed, to reach the validity of these reasons. T&D if applied could do well giving consideration to the Bramley principle 1996 (Torrington, Hall, 1998, pg410). This concept refers to assessing the current environment, establishing strong criteria for T&D, planning an implementation strategy and a clear evaluation checklist. ...read more.


Other methods used by Barrat Developments plc were: performance and productivity levels, turnover, and absenteeism(Winstanley, Woodall, pg 107). Application of the Bramley doctrine poses a few troubles here. These methods can depict the evaluation of the T&D initiative but only to some degree. Another factor as to why T&D does not take place is because UK managers goals are not aligned with the development of their staff, but the profitability or growth of the organisation. It is only natural to be more concerned about yourself than others and with the difference of the managements' goals and that of the T&D goals, the appraisal system of motivation will work against the T&D goals. Kodak employees were not being trained as they were meant to be, because the managers were not motivated to do so because this would cause their understaffed office to be affected in terms of volume of work to be done and the workforce was too busy to train. As soon as the manager's appraisal system was changed, and the training was part of their reward system, the initiative soon began to shape itself. This was also apparent in Rosenthal et al. ...read more.


The employee is going to learn one way or another - best be systematic and effective. The initiative formed should be well formed taking into consideration the culture of the management and the workforce. The initiative should be clear, concise and well integrated with the various parts of strategic HRM. Any attitudinal problems of mangers should be replaced or changed as this is the least valid of reasons. The primary concern should be the well being of the company. Some enlightenment with regard to the pros and cons may be necessary to convey to the management . The only valid reason may be of competitive pressures and the state of affairs of the company and the industry within which it is in. But there should be a continual purveyance of decisions made to the workforce with a clear understanding of issues. Such an understanding culture to come into being cannot happen overnight but over a period of time. This must persist and other advantages will also come about. It is a must to weigh the pros and cons and balance them as best as possible- T&D is a long term investment with long term potential benefits to form a long term competitive advantage. Taking into consideration the underlying forces present in the environment, some reasons for not pursuing a training initiative can be considered valid while others not. ...read more.

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