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Exploring Business Purpose

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Exploring Business Purpose Assignment 5 Mr Edwards Introduction: In this assignment my aims are to look at three different sectors of business activity primary, secondary and tertiary. For this I will also describe the all activities of in two different organisations in the three sectors. I will also begin with a simple definition for each of these sectors and this will then introduce two companies to express the differences. Planned for this I will also use internet to get useful information. Business activity Business activity can be broken down into three main areas: Activity Explanation Examples Primary This is the extraction of raw materials from the land Mining, Fishing, Farming, Forestry Secondary Sometimes known as manufacturing - turning raw materials into goods Building, Carpentry, production of capital and consumer goods Tertiary This is the service industry Banking, retailing The main sorting of businesses is into the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors: I should choose two different organisations covering these sectors and for each one: a) Describe the main activities (what does it makes, what it does, what does it sells or what does it provides?). ...read more.


Shell is a worldwide oil company of Dutch and British origins. Forbes Global 2000 in 2007 ranked Shell the eighth largest company in the world. Also in 2007, Fortune magazine ranked Shell as the third-largest private sector energy corporation in the world, behind of Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil and Shell company's has five main core businesses in the Exploration for and Production, processing transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons oil, Gas and Power, Refining and Marketing, Chemicals (the "downstream"), and Trading/Shipping, and operates in more than 140 countries and territories and employ 108,000 people worldwide. A shell company was created in February 1907. Shell Ship Management Limited Manannan House Market Square Castletown IM9 1RB 044 (0)1624821500 Secondary - BMW Group Plant Oxford For my local secondary business I will choose Mini BMW which is in the secondary sector in oxford shire and it also known as manufacturing. Why BMW is a secondary business and also why it is known as manufacturing because they are like to metal - and they are also turning raw materials into goods such as BMW mini cars. BMW mini factory is located in Oxford but the Current owner is German. ...read more.


There have been numbers of different factors over the last 25 years that have caused both incomes decreases in the primary, secondary and tertiary these are as follows; * Globalization * Technology changes * Natural resources are running out * Customer trends and fashions * Competition This graph shows the trends in the employment structure of the UK over the last 300 years. Over the last 100 years ago, in 1900 people used to work for primary sector about 90%, in the secondary sector were about 60% and only less then 10% in the tertiary sector. However today in 2009 in the UK these facts are very strange unusual and different then ever before in 1980 these things has been changed and the graph shows ever thing above. Therefore about 80% of the UK workers are employed in the tertiary sector with only less than 5% are working in the primary sector this has seen a massive changes. In 2008/09 the secondary sector has been affected, for example the BMW Consumer spending - the amount of money customers spend on different goods and services is always changing. Nowadays, more customers are spending more then ever on the service industry. ...read more.

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