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External influences affecting the development Of the marketing strategy.

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External influences affecting the development Of the marketing strategy. SWOT The purpose of SWOT analysis is to conduct a general and quick examination of a businesses current position so that it can identify preferred and likely directions in future. SWOT analysis involves looking at the internal strengths and weaknesses of a business and the external opportunities and threats. Strengths Cadburys have many strengths, these are: * They are one of the leading brands of confectionary worldwide. * From looking at my primary research everyone have heard of Cadbury's ltd in some way. * They produce high income annually. * They generate a high business standard and have a good reputation. * They have a good competitive nature and cause other leading brands to learn from their strategies. Weaknesses Although Cadbury's are a well reputed business, every business has flaws in some part of the company. Whether it is factors that cause losses, hardships, disputes, grievances and complaints for a business these all can causes a businesses reputation to fail. If you look at the history of Cadburys, the actual company has changed managerial hands many times, from the original owner to the large public limited company it is now.


be increased for the production and therefore if they don't increase the price of the final product then they will make a loss. By increasing he price of the product then they may loss customers to other competitive brands as their prices may be lower. This will affect my final marketing strategy as I will have to look at the effects of the rising inflation of the raw materials to the prices customers would be happy to pay for the product. PEST The PEST analysis will examine the external environment and the global factors that may affect a business. It can provide a quick and visual representation of the external pressures facing a business, and their possible constraints on strategy. Political There are many political developments Cadburys will have to look at when producing the final marketing strategy, both regionally, and nationally and also internationally. For instance Cadburys will have to look at the Weights and Measures Act which states that you have to have on the labeling of the package a round about weight of the final product. This is an international Law which all businesses have to keep to. Regional factors can come from just environmental acts, where their factories are built and whether it is built on an environmentally stable area.


Statistics in the last few years have announced that obesity has increased; this therefore means that the demand for chocolate will have fallen as more people will want a healthier option rather than a chocolate bar. Due to fashion and taste people change their minds every month to want the rich and the famous eat and wear. Although chocolate is not directly involved, it will still affect the choice people make on which brand consumers will buy. Adverts and promotions can also affect the way people spend their money, if there is a famous actress on a Cadburys advert then people are more likely to want to buy that product if they think someone the admire is consuming it. Technological From the early days of Cadburys, technology has changed dramatically. It has become quicker and more efficient to this day. Production lines have been swopped for machines which can produce the whole product in one quick easy procedure. From this if extra demand is wanted from consumers then it will be easier to produce the product quicker than the original hand made chocolates. Communication has improved as well as marketing the product through word of mouth has now changed to advertising in magazines, newspapers, bill boards, television and even the internet. This will help with the strategy as it will be easier to promote the product to the consumers.

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