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external labour market info-east london

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External labour market information There are 1,210,000 residents who live in the London east region, of which 27% are non-white, compared to greater London with 23% of non-white. The residents of London east make up only 18% of greater London total. The working population in London east is currently 566,000, only 13% of the greater London working total. From 1996 and 2002 there is an estimated 5% increase in employment with in the London east area. There are more male workers in the workforce of London east; there are 16% more men than women in the work force. DISTRIBUTION OF ESTABLISHMENTS IN LONDON EAST From the bar chat above you can see that most establishments are heavily concentrated in the service sector, there is a higher proportion of manufacturing establishments compared with greater London at 9%. Unemployment rates by borough December 1997 Barking & Dagenham 5.7 Havering 2.9 Newham 10.8 Redbridge 5.2 Tower hamlets 13.6 Waltham forest 7.2 London east 7.1 Greater London 5.8 UK 5 The table above shows unemployment rates by borough in December 1997, the borough that WHS is located in has 5.2 unemployment rates this could be one of the reasons that WHS is finding it hard to find teachers in the borough of Redbridge. The main skills gaps experienced by employers in the LETEC region between 98&99 31% Computer literacy 8% Customer handing 6% Teamwork 6% Personal ...read more.


The table shows the profile of recruits 16-17 18-24 25-49 50+ Total No, of recruits % % % % % % All 83,669 100 7.4 46.4 43.8 2.3 100 manufacturing 4,996 6 10 32.2 52.8 5 100 construction 3,381 4 4.8 16.6 77.6 1 100 distribution hotels and catering 27,703 33.1 14.4 55.4 28.2 2 100 transport and communication 4,890 5.8 3.2 30.5 65.4 0.9 100 financial services 5,378 6.4 2.8 90.1 6.9 0.2 100 business services 20,785 24.8 6.3 27.5 63 3.2 100 public administration, education and health 12,117 14.5 2 26.7 66.9 4.4 100 other services 4,419 5.3 5.7 36.4 55.8 2 100 small , 47028 56.2 8.9 43.2 45.7 2.2 100 medium 23,798 28.4 5.1 54.8 39 1.1 100 larger 12,842 15.3 7.8 31 53.1 8.2 100 Barking and Dagenham 10,692 12.8 7.9 28.7 61.7 1.7 100 Havering 15,424 18.4 11.8 40.6 44.7 2.9 100 Newham 7,834 9.4 9.1 31.2 57.1 2.6 100 Redbridge 13,422 16 7.7 34.1 51.6 6.7 100 Tower hamlets 28,388 33.9 3.7 63.7 31.8 0.8 100 Waltham forest 7,904 9.4 12.4 37.2 48.6 1.8 100 The distribution, hotels and catering sector accounts for 57% of all young people aged 16/17 recruited. To some extent, this is likely to reflect relatively high turnover rates in this sector. ...read more.


Graduates can not afford the housing and living costs in London, this mean they don't always apply for the jobs in the London east living employers with not enough employees. Evidence supporting linkages between the information & HR management with in WHS There is evidence in the labour market information that supports linkages between the information and the HR management at WHS form the data in LETEC region there is a skills mismatch. WHS have reacted to this by taking on teachers with a degree and training them to gain teacher's qualification after which they can teach and get promotion. The other evidence between the information and HR management at WHS is the salary rate. Because the house prices are high in London teachers don't want to come to work in London, so WHS offers teachers higher salaries to attract them to come and work in the school. Also from the external market labour information I found out that there is an increasing number of ethnic minorities in the LETEC area. WHS adopts equal opportunity policies when interviewing and recruiting new staff due to the law they have to do it legally but because of the increasing number of ethnic minorities in the area they do it as it also helps promote the school in the local community. ?? ?? ?? ?? ' ' from advanced business ...read more.

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