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Factors affecting a businesses marketing mix All businesses have a marketing mix, whether they are aware of it or not.

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Factors affecting a businesses marketing mix All businesses have a marketing mix, whether they are aware of it or not. They offer products they make these available at particular places for specific prices, and they chose whether to back the product with various kinds of promotional activity. Better managed businesses actively plan their marketing mix, and they take several factors into account in determining precise nature of the marketing mix for each product. ...read more.


Key features of Amazons marketing mix are: * Low prices - the company has reduced prices whenever possible, which has meant that it has struggled to make profits * Heavy promotion - Amazon is noted for offers such as free postage and tailored offers for customers based on their previous purchases * Extending the product range - Amazon sells a wide range of products, including not just new books but toys, CDs, wine and second-hand books. ...read more.


Market research can also reveal new or unexploited target markets which the marketing mix can then be deployed to meet. In 2004, Mintel, the market research company, published a report showing that British women are less likely to use anti-wrinkle and ant-ageing creams then women in other western European countries. Only 36% of British women used these creams, compared to about a half of French women and Spaniards, and two-thirds of Germans. Manufacturers are likely to use this information to plan marketing mixes that include promotional campaigns to encourage greater usage of anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing products by British women. ...read more.

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