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Features of key recruitment documents, describing the factors to be considered when planning to fill vacancies and conducting interviews

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Features of key recruitment documents, describing the factors to be considered when planning to fill vacancies and conducting interviews Before a business starts recruiting new employees the human resources department compiles a job description and person specification for the specific job they have a vacancy for. The job description gives potential candidates a taste of what is expected of them in the job. The job description is also used after the vacancy has been filled to ensure that the job is being carried out properly. The person specification is focused on the applicant and gives a description of the type of person that would be ideal for the job. The person specification has to fit with the company's culture so they ensure that the person that they recruit is likely to get on in the firm. Advertising also has a vital role when it comes to recruiting. To ensure that they get adequate responses companies must ensure that they are advertising in the right places. The human resources department has the choice to advertise internally within the firm or externally in the surrounding areas. Where companies advertised depends on whether they are looking for employees internally or externally. For example, if a firm wanted a person from within the organisation then posters in and around the workplace would suffice. However, if the company wanted people from surrounding areas then advertising in local newspapers would be the way forward. ...read more.


the job will involve and the candidate can get an idea of what the job will be like * Benefits - this shows the candidate what benefits come with the job. This could be a company car, staff discounts etc. and is a great tool in attracting people to a certain job Another main source of recruitment is the company's website. Here the candidates can find information about the culture at HSBC and can also submit applications and CV's online. These are sent directly to the human resources department at the local HSBC site and feedback is given via letter or email. Advertising on their website saves a lot of money for HSBC and also if candidates apply online admin costs are reduced. Also the company can put a lot of information on the website compared to newspaper adverts and candidates can get a real taste for the company's culture. > Pre-screening When a company receives a large amount of applications it is the job of the human resources department to sort through each one marking them off according to the job description and person specification. If candidates pass the pre-screening stage then they are usually called in for interview. > Competency Based Interviews These are the type of interviews that test the competency and ability of applicants. HSBC use these type of interviews. ...read more.


They will be asked what their current salary is and whether or not they have ever been self-employed. > Financial Service and Markets Act 2000 Here the candidate is run through a series of questions relating to the Financial Service and Markets Act 2000. They are asked questions such as, have you ever had membership to the FSA? They are then asked to sign the form. > Equal Opportunities Monitoring Here the candidate is asked to give detail of their age, sex and any disability they might have. This avoids HSBC being discriminative in any interviews. Interview The interview is a key process and enables HSBC to get the right person for the job. They can access the various competencies and qualities of each candidate and get a clear understanding of whether the candidate is suited to the job. The interview process also enables HSBC to get an idea of the personality of the candidate which is an important part to see if the person can get along with others in the workplace. Advert The advert is a key part to recruiting at HSBC. The advert aids the company in attracting relevant candidates and allows HSBC to give information on the type of job and the roles that it will entail. The advert shows the potential salary that employees can earn and the other benefits that will come with the job. It gives all the relevant contact information and the closing dates for application. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamie Maunder E3 14 ...read more.

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