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Fig Hairdressing. What is the most important factor in improving the Promotion mix of the business?

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27th September 2011 Business Studies Controlled Assessment ?What is the most important factor in improving the Promotion mix of the business?? Target Market- The set of people from the population to which a company wishes to sell. Target markets are typically defined by demographic information such as age, income level, ethnicity, or interests, and not by body size or shape. Marketing Mix- The marketing mix is the combination of product, price, place and promotion for any business venture. No one element of the marketing mix is more important than another, each element ideally supports the others. Firms modify each element in the marketing mix to establish an overall brand image and unique selling point that makes their products stand out from the competition. Promotional Mix- A business's total marketing communications programme is called the "promotional mix" and consists of a blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tools. There are seven main aspects of a promotional mix which are: 1. Advertising 2. Personal Selling 3. Sales Promotion 4. Public Relations 5. Corporate Image 6. Direct Marketing 7. Exhibitions Introduction to ?Fig? Fig is an entrepreneurial business which was founded by Maria Zoumides. There have two branches which are situated in Dartford and Blackheath. At Fig Hair Salons, they have a unique approach to hair design. Delivering beautiful styles - with knowledge of the latest trends and techniques - they take a personal approach to understand their customer?s hair and help them recreate the salon-perfect look at home. ...read more.


I questioned 20 consumers of any age and gender as long they were a consumer of Fig, in order to analyse the effects of the promotions they had, for me to interpret whether they have been successful and to mention any improvements that could be made towards the promotions they do. I have decided to use all the data I have gathered except the primary research I have contributed in class, whereby the whole contributed in a questionnaire on the most effective method of promotion for a hairdresser, because It wasn?t very reliable as the majority faked their opinion just to speed the process up and more over, the hairdresser I have chosen (Fig) doesn?t target their services and products to the audience my class were which in fact are female teenagers. So therefore this data was irrelevant with my hairdresser. Fig?s methods of promotion (See Appendix 4 for promotional materials) 1. Peripheral advertising 2. At times in local newspapers 3. Magazines 4. Face book 5. Email 6. Using their own website 7. Arrange events 8. Offers and sales 9. Text typical consumers (when it?s not busy) 10. Leaflets 11. Search engines 12. Mouth to mouth 13. Posters on their retail stores Before I select which promotions to improve and suggest, I am going to indentify the different types of promotions a local hairdressing business might use, which are listed below; 1. 2. Yellow pages Advantage- Highly Targeted, 24-Hour Coverage Disadvantage- Costly, One-Time shot, Declining Sales 1. ...read more.


Third, the effectiveness of yellow pages ads can be difficult to test and track. Since the yellow pages are printed only once a year, you have infrequent opportunities to experiment with different copy text and designs. Fourth, the business will be displayed alongside all their competitors' ads. 1. Street Sign Since it is in the public domain, Outdoor Advertising assuredly reaches its audience. People can't "switch it off" or "throw it out." People are exposed to it whether they like it or not. In this sense, outdoor advertising truly has a "captured audience". Its messages work on the advertising principle of "frequency." Since most messages stay in the same place for a period of a month or more, people who drive by or walk past see the same message a number of times. Outdoor advertising is an excellent adjunct to other types of advertising you are doing. In fact, it is most effective when coupled with other media. At best, it only draws 2-3 seconds of a reader's time. Messages must be brief to fit in that 2-3 second time frame. 95% percent of the time, either the message or the audience is in motion. The nature of the way you have to buy outdoor advertising is not conducive to a very short, week-long campaign. In conclusion, my research evokes that Figs should start using both of these promotional methods because both methods are very effective as they are a small business with professional services I suggest that they should develop to a more known and wider business leading an increase in sales and more experience in using different promotions for future projects. ...read more.

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