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Find out how 2 companies; Brean Leisure Park and Wilsher and Quick motivate their employees.

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Productivity Aim The aim of this coursework is to find out how 2 companies; Brean Leisure Park and Wilsher and Quick motivate their employees. To do this, I will ask the administration manager of Brean Leisure Park, Alex Ferguson, several questions relating to productivity. I will then ask the same questions to Michael Watts, Major Projects Manager of the UK's HQ of Cooper B Line. Method The first company I needed to find out about was Brean Leisure Park. I met the Administration Manager, Alex Ferguson, the questions I had about Productivity. These questions related to certain ways of making an employee productive, for example Recruitment. After I had the results from this, I went to Cooper B Line and asked Michael Watts; the Major Projects Manager, the same questions. Productivity Productivity is the level of output per employee. If an employee has a higher level of output, than another, he is more productive. Making employees more productive is usually a combination of things. Fringe benefits and a higher wage, for example, will motivate the worker, but only for a short time. The employee will get accustomed to it and then want more fringe benefits or an even higher wage. Involving staff in company decisions is an example of longer lasting productivity. If the employee thinks his/her efforts are noticed (and possibly praised), he will be less inclined to leave the company. Making Staff More Productive Recruitment Process The first step to getting a productive worker is to make sure they are right for the job. 1. First, a job description is created. This outlines what the job involves. It includes a person specification, which details what skills and experience the employee will need. It also includes the payment details. This could be advertised in local papers and specific job newspapers/magazines, and possibly job agencies. 2. The people who apply for the job are sent applications. ...read more.


Payment Managers and Supervisors get paid more for their jobs - but the rest of the staff are paid the same. Perks of the job include reduced Golf Club membership costs, and staff lunches. Alex Ferguson believes that paying workers more does not make them more productive-but offering a higher pay will attract better skilled workers (for Managing or Supervisor jobs). Paying Managers and Supervisors more is necessary because they are more skilled jobs. If they require skill and the pay is low, not many people will apply for the job. If a skilled worker was getting a low pay rate, they would also be tempted to leave the company and find a higher-paying job. The pay of employees depends on their skills and experience. The company offers fringe benefits such as company cars, mobile phones, and to some employees: laptops. There is currently a profit-share scheme operating in the company, where employees get a share of the profit. However, this is not in operation as the company is only barely breaking even. Paying high wages will help attract workers and will motivate them in the short term. Offering fringe benefits can improve the workers motivation, giving them less incentive to leave the company. The profit sharing scheme is also a way of boosting employee's motivation by giving them extra money as a way of congratulating them for their hard work. Paying more money for jobs is necessary to attract higher skilled workers. If a highly skilled job was paid low, the potential staff would look elsewhere for a job. Motivation It is important for the business to motivate its staff. Motivation is derived from good relation to the employee's peers, such as their managers or supervisors. To boost staff motivation, the company gives out annual bonuses and a Christmas bonus. The opportunity is available for workers to interact and get to know their colleagues in their department. ...read more.


This also interrupts the schedule. Emptying the suggestion box and using some of the suggestions would also boost motivation in the company. Evaluation My findings were for the most part how I expected. I expected there to be some differences in the companies with how they recruit, who they recruit etc. However, both companies work similarly, which is what I expected. Based on my results I believe that all companies work similarly. The differences are likely to be within the way the company operates, how they divide labour etc. which is dependant on the boss and the field the company works in. For example, the employees in Brean Leisure Park (except Managers and Supervisors) are skilled enough to divide labour, whereas a company like Cooper B Line that has a lot of specialised staff cannot to this (except in the factory, where Division Of Labour is possible). I think that if I did this with other kinds of business I would have found that the technology used and recruitment etc. would have been quite different. If I had done a company like McDonalds, for example, I may have found that division of labour was very common among the staff, and that very few people are specialised in what they do, unlike Cooper B line. While working on this coursework, I encountered no major problems. I was able to justify each answer with a reason, meaning I managed to understand how the companies worked well. If I was to re-o this coursework, I would possibly chose an additional company. This could help improve the accuracy of what I concluded and make it easier to justify my conclusion. If I look at both my results, I think my conclusion is valid. However, it may be possible that if I looked at a greater range of companies, I would have found that the results will differ more than my conclusion suggests. This is why I would do this if I was going to re-do my coursework. ...read more.

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