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Fish and Chip Shop Business Plan Outline

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Fish & Chip Shop Business Plan Outline: What is it? There are few things more tempting than the smell of fish and chips. And it can be little coincidence that rosy childhood memories of seaside holidays, Friday teatimes and late suppers are more than often associated with the savoury treat. So the idea of owning your own fish and chip shop will probably seem like a similarly alluring prospect. Don't fall into the nostalgia trap, though, this isn't last of the Summer Wine. The modern day takeaway has big competition so you need to put a lot in to get it right. Get the winning formula, however, and you'll soon be cashing in your chips. Current market In the past few years, there has been a pretender to the throne of Britain's favourite takeaway - chicken tikka masala. However, all traditionalists can now breathe a sigh of relief; fish and chips is firmly back on top according to a survey by the British Potato Council. Its place at the top isn't down to traditional values. This market of independents has lead the field for much of the first 100 years of its history. Gradually the customer has been faced with a large number of alternatives, from Chinese takeaways to burger vans. Increasingly fish shops can't just open when they please and customers will vote against poor quality with their feet. This isn't consistent throughout the industry, however, so a good business will have its own very high standards. ...read more.


It's largely a matter of preference as to which fish you prefer. People near the sea might choose wet fish for its freshness although the price of frozen doesn't fluctuate so much and is also very fresh. Some owners also buy in par-fried chips as this saves time and staff costs but again it depends on the kind of product your customers will prefer. Who is it suited to? Fish and chip shops tend to be family businesses with premises above the shop, but that doesn't mean you have to be older or married to run one. In fact, with increased opening hours and higher standards, you'll need the energy to put a lot of hard work into the business. Nor do you need to have a background in the fish and chip or even catering industry. John Allport's business Allport's Fish and Chip shop in Pwllheli was named 2001 fish and chip shop of the year, and he maintains it's commitment rather than experience which drives success. "If you haven't got experience of the business, you haven't had a chance to get into bad habits. It's really good to be able to bring a fresh approach to this business so you can produce a consistently tempting and competitive product," he says. Joyce Willoughby put this theory into practice when she and her husband Charlie started up Charlie's Fish and Chip Shop in Amble, Northumberland. "We started up without any experience or help but by trial and error we put together a business based not on traditional grounds but on the importance of good, trained staff. ...read more.


Other factors like the standard of the premises and image you project is up to you. Promoting your business beyond a bright and welcoming shop is something several of the people we spoke to were doing. Loyalty schemes, buy one get one free and sponsorship of local sports teams or events can all get you better known and build up your business. Daring to flout the traditionalists still mourning the loss of newspaper wrapping, some businesses have addressed the soggy effect of paper wrapping by introducing cardboard boxes. Beedle says consumers who were originally dubious about the idea have been so impressed by the improvement in freshness and temperature, they've come back for more. Ultimately, the quality of the product is the number one factor in how much you will earn. If it's good, people will not only come back to you but they will travel out of their way, past other shops to come to yours. And they will tell their friends about you - incidentally something they'll also do if the product is bad, with the obvious opposite effect. Communicate with your customers, make them feel their custom is wanted, tell them how good your fish and chips are, then prove it by delivering a delicious product. Achieve this and you're sure to be the major plaice for takeaway for miles around. Contacts National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) Tel: 0113 230 7044 www.federationoffishfriers.co.uk Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) www.seafish.co.uk (for your local industry authority) British Potato Council (BPC) Tel: 01865 714455 www.potato.org. ...read more.

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