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For HRM, I shall be producing an analytical report on AJP Ltd, explaining how the business manages its human resources. I will be present a broad summary of HRM showing its significance to the business

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Human Resource Management Introduction For HRM, I shall be producing an analytical report on AJP Ltd, explaining how the business manages its human resources. I will be present a broad summary of HRM showing its significance to the business, together with all four of the following roles and identification on several areas of disagreement between these areas with a focus in depth on only one of them, which are: * Human resource planning. * Recruitment and selection. * Training and development. * Performance management. SECTION ONE - Human Resource Planning For this section of the report, I shall be investigating how AJP has developed its HRM policy and shall be commenting on the following things: * Planning HRM needs * How long it takes to plan those needs * How flexible is it at planning * What strategies do they have to deal with human resource management * The importance of AJP having a HR strategy AJP plans its human resources needs by assessing the firm's compensation system to decide the real value of buying. The HR experts are consulted before and after the decision to make a major acquisitions purchase. The Human Resource department serves a connection between management and employees. Giving particular services members of staff, the department's objective is to encourage positive relationships, to boost job satisfaction, and to make certain that all customer and client needs are met. A company like AJP who are major, would have to plan their needs over a long period of time, as they need to keep a large business like theirs, to run successfully which includes employees as well. The HR director must be knowledgeable of company objectives, significant laws and union contracts, and will need to be able to be familiar with and assess industry trends. In minor companies, HR directors could be considered HR Generalists who carry out all the specific personnel duties themselves, whereas in major companies the HR Directors overlook several departments that are has a manager and staff specialists or legislative bodies who are in charge of one specialised activity. ...read more.


It gives the department, a good sense of knowledge, about the employment rate and how many workers there and how many people who don't work as well. As AJP are looking to recruit 10 Managers and senior staff, 30 Associate professional and technical staff, 30 Administrative and Secretarial and 20 Sales staff, there will be particularly interested in the employment sector of Camden. It also allows AJP's Human Resource department to plan how they will proceed with recruitment, what kind of motivation and training to give the potential workers, and also with the large cultural mix in Camden, they can put that into good use (e.g. employ workers from different Ethnic backgrounds, so that customers can see that and can have a good impression of the company, and also that the company is trying to fit in with the area as much as possible. SECTION THREE - Recruitment and Selection This section of my report is based on recruitment and selection. Here are some of the things I shall be investigating: * The Recruitment process. * Assessment techniques used by AJP and their effectiveness. * Obeying the Legal requirements and constraints when recruiting the 100 staff it requires. * How AJP recruits for managerial positions, internal promotion and identifying potential. AJP enjoys an especially strong status and success documentation in recruiting, promoting and retaining minorities and women, in addition in keeping its commitment and successful methods to managing the variety of its labour force. When there are potential people applying for a job, they have to be well prepared, confident and have the required skills that are asked for. Recruiting is extremely tough on applicants, because nowadays there is a lot of competition with different applicants, and their backgrounds. The interviewer, not only looks at your background, but looks beyond that too, which I think is a good method of recruiting. Providing the right information is a good start, however who you are is like another recruitment process altogether, because there is your academic and experience background, but there is the personality and individual step as well. ...read more.


Successful performance management needs up-front assessment of an organisation's business requirements and strategies, followed by a solid execution plan. Performance management is a result of continuous improvement. Performance management and training and development are linked together, in a way that both areas assess employees' performances and skills. They boost morale in Training and Development, and this shows in the employees' performance in their work. Within an organisation, there is a hierarchy of workers. The higher it usually is, the greater the income as well. This type of information to an employee, would allow them to boost their performance levels. Not only is it about the pay, but also the greater opportunities as well, because lower employees know that the higher the income, the harder you will have to work, so they are driven by this to succeed in achieving higher status within the organisation. When you employ someone, even if it is just for a day or so, they have certain rights under UK employment legislation. Here are some of those rights: * They should be provided written details of the terms of their employment within eight weeks of starting the job. * They should have continued employment if the business changes with someone else. * They should be given time off in certain conditions, such as maternity leave. * They should be able to take part in the Trade Union activities. * They should be given a set period of notice. * They should receive fair treatment based on the grounds of race and gender. * They are allowed redundancy pay if they are made redundant after TWO years your employment. * They should be given an individual, detailed pay statement, at the same time they are paid or before they are paid. This is the kind of policy AJP should practice, has they should fully be aware that employees have just as many rights as other people too. Also, when they practice these rights of employment legislation, it reduces conflict, and creates a stable environment for both people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jasmine Asim HRM Peter Roe 1 ...read more.

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