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For the branch manager's job, the human resources for the whole of Barclays bank will decide whether there is a job vacancy for that job.There could be many reasons why there would be aa job vacancy, for instance:

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The person who decides whether there is a job vacancy is most probably the branch manger, and maybe for the branch manager's job, the human resources for the whole of Barclays bank will decide whether there is a job vacancy for that job. There could be many reasons why there would be aa job vacancy, for instance: - A person could have retired - A person may have been made redundant - A woman may have left for pregnancy leave - A new branch could have opened and they will need staff In the matter of the last case, many jobs would be needed so everything like advertising, job descriptions, interviewing etc will have to be done on a much larger scale. If a job was vacant for just a short while, and then a few other employees would do some of the tasks each to make up that job until that person returned. Though, if it is for a long while, then the branch manager needs to check if the job is very important and if it really does need for them to get somebody to replace the last. When that has been identified they need to ensure that the duties of the job are the same as they were originally, and if the job may need a change in technology e.g. ...read more.


Only by tying requirements to specific job factors can an employer defend employment practices as job-related and a business necessity. A personal specification describes the requirements a job holder needs to be able to perform the job satisfactorily. These are likely to include: - Education and qualifications - Training and experience - Personal attributes / qualities This compares to a job description because, a job description describes the job, and a personal specification describes the person needed to do the job. A person specification can, therefore, form the basis for the selection of the most suitable person to fill the job. The advantages of a personal specification for the employer are: - it narrows down the amount of applicants needed for the job - it gives an idea of an applicants personality without meeting them in person - it gives an insight to the applicants capabilities in relation to the job. The disadvantages of a personal specification for the employers are: - it is extra work to add to the job description and higher cost for the advertisement e.g. higher cost for advertisement inside a newspaper - it may be harder to find someone who fit the job description and the personal specification as well. - You have to be very careful with the wording on the personal specification so that you are not discriminating against anyone The advantages of a personal specification for the applicant: - more description for ...read more.


Work with business users in San Francisco, London, and other BGI locations to assure their needs are being met. Required skills: Requirements Bachelor or higher degree in computer science, engineering, financial or scientific discipline. 3+ years experience with production of quality financial applications in Java. 1+ years experience using Perl. 3+ years experience using relational databases (Sybase preferred). Excellent communication and coordination skills. Enthusiastic, motivated and self-directed. Ability to work independently as part of a remote team. Demonstrated interest in developing financial investment applications Strong analytical and problem solving skills coupled with attention to detail Able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. Customer and quality focused Team player �12,000 min + LTA + bonus and benefits Inner London Personal Customers & Home Finance Cash Manager As the Cash Manager at Barclays you will responsible for delivering exceptional retail business performance through the counters in the retail branch network, serving both retail and large corporate customers You will provide a centre of expertise across all counter activities along with developing technical skills of all the counter staff. Working with the Branch Manager you will be passionate about customer service ensuring the delivery of an excellent and consistent customer service and sales experience for our customers at all times. You will be accountable for all aspects of cash management and ensuring operational excellence. You will have 12 months previous experience within a relevant similar area plus a sales & service background. To apply please call our recruitment line on 0845 602 6234 lines are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm ...read more.

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