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For this task I will be analysing the differences between Street Child Africa and Tesco.

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´╗┐Introduction For this task I will be analysing the differences between Street Child Africa and Tesco. Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer. Of its kind Tesco is the third largest by revenue and second largest by profit. Tesco has branched out across 14 countries across the continents of Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco is the market leader in the UK, Malaysia, The Republic of Ireland and Thailand, with a 30% share of the UK industry. Tesco had 5381 as of February 2010. Tesco has with great success made different types of stores that will suit customers? needs the most there are six different types which are: Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstores, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, One Stop Tesco and Tesco Homeplus all of the above are differentiated by the size of the stores and what they sell. ...read more.


Tesco?s more subsidiary aims are to maximise sales and to open more branches in order to be able to reach more clients and this will in turn help them reach their main aim. Street Child Africa?s subsidiary aim on the other hand, is to develop new ways of teaching the street children and to create a forum where Street Child agencies can share ideas. This forum will help them maximise the amount of children that they are helping. Tesco and Street Child Africa have different aims in mind as Tesco is a private sector business and so needs to earn a sufficient amount of money to survive, whereas Street Child Africa is a not-for-profit organisation and so relies on donations from the general public to forward onto the people they are fundraising for. ...read more.


The objectives of Tesco are shaped around this aim, so they achieve their aim by gaining the opinions of their customers and acting on them. Tesco?s objectives have to be fit for purpose as without achieving their objectives Tesco would go bankrupt or into serious debt. In comparison, Street Child Africa does not necessarily have to achieve their objectives to survive as they are a not-for-profit organisation, however not achieving their objectives means the quality of the service they provide will be severely affected. Similarities between Street Child Africa and Tesco A similarity that both businesses share is the aim to expand their services through partnerships and affiliates. Both businesses also have campaigns that advertise their business in the most effective way; Tesco, through television advertisements and Street Child Africa through visiting schools and universities that offer to fundraise for them. ...read more.

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