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Four Day school week

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Four Day School Week 1 John Kok Persuasive Essay Final Draft Period 3 November 1, 2008 Four Day School Week For most students a typical school week is divided in to five days consisting of seven hours of school each day. This has been a normal schedule for most schools. But recently many schools have been considering converting to a four day school week. The main reason for the transition would be for schools to save money. Many schools have found that by eliminating Monday's of Friday's from a school week can save money on transportation, heating, food services, and substitute teachers. ...read more.


It is getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the rising costs in gas, electricity, heat, and air conditioning" (�, 8). Changing to a four day school week can dramatically reduce their expenses. With a four day school week the prices of many expenses would be lowered but would the education for the students be affected. With only four days of school each week, students would be missing out on many school hours a week. To accommodate for these missing hours of education, the overall length of a normal c\school day would have to be increased by ninety minutes. ...read more.


One of the most profitable financial savings a four day school week can present is savings in transportation costs. With rising gas prices, keeping buses full of gas five days a week can now cost more than ever before. Molly Chamberlin and Jonathan Plucker explain: School districts in South Dakota, Colorado, and New Mexico, operating under the four day school week, have reported cuts in transportation cost of 13%-20%. However, in order to maximize transportation schools may have to reduce of eliminate transportation for extra-curricular activities on non-school days. Schools can save large amounts of money by switching to a four day school week. Even by just reducing the bus schedule by one day can help schools in financial problems. ...read more.

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