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Function proposal

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Dear Guest, Thank you for your enquiry to hold a private function at aqua dining. A dinner is on a Sunday night only from 6.30pm11.30pm. We cater for both a 3 course sit down style or cocktail style event. The sit down menu allows your guests on the day or night to choose their meal from 3 entr�es, mains and desserts. Both styles of functions can cater for all dietary needs whether they are vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, an allergy to seafood or just plain eaters. The current menus and beverage package are attached. The beverages, which are included within the package price, are served through out the duration of the function. To ensure the use of fresh seasonal produce the menus are subject to change. We have a list of preferred suppliers which can assist you in organising AV, flowers, chair covers, music and photography. We can set up your specific requirements for your use during your function at no additional cost. The price for a sit down function for 50 guests is $3700 - $5500 (inclusive of room hire and beverage) with additional guests being $100 each. The price for a cocktail style event for 50 guests is $2500 - $3350(inclusive of room hire and beverage) ...read more.


lightly crumbed & served on a salad of roquette leaves, spanish onion & parmesan cheese accompanied with lemon & citrus caper aioli * Grilled Turkish bread brushed with garlic & olive oil and served with a selection of inhouse dips Main * Grilled Atlantic salmon on wild mushroom & soba noodle salad, topped with wasabi hollandaise sauce, served with lemon * Oven-baked chicken supreme filled with semi-dried tomato & basil cream cheese topped with tomato & avocado salsa served with petit salad and chips * Eye fillet served with caesar salad & chips with your choice of sauces Dessert * Flourless chocolate cake with double cream & strawberries * Sticky date pudding with rum raisin ice cream * Pavlova with fresh fruit, chantilly cream and passion fruit pulp Set Menu Three - $54.95 per person Served alternatively Entr�e * Spicy marinated calamari rings, lightly crumbed & served on a salad of roquette leaves, spanish onion & parmesan cheese accompanied with lemon and citrus caper aioli * Tapas plate for one with roasted marinated vegetables, smoked salmon, marinated mussels fingers if Turkish bread & European delicacies served with a selection of dips & spreads * Plate of 6 natural oysters served on rock salt with lemon to taste Main * Grilled Atlantic salmon on ...read more.


Lemon juice, Sugar, Lemonade Sour Cocktails - $12 per person * Vodka Sours Fresh Lime, Sugar, Vodka * Whiskey Sours Fresh Lime, Sugar, Whiskey * Pisco Sours Fresh Lime, Sugar, Pisco Note: All appropriate staffing is also included in the package price. 5. Running Sheet Timing details is a very important aspect of running a function. Determining the appropriate times for the different stages of the function will ensure the food and beverage and technical arrangements can be timed and coordinated to coincide with the function timing requirements. Set menu function: Guests Arrival 6:30pm Pre-dinner Drinks 6:45pm Seated for dinner 7:05pm Entr�es Served 7:15pm Speeches & Presentations 7:50pm Mains Served 8:30pm Entertainments 9:30pm Desserts/Drinks 10:00pm Coffee 10:30pm Departure 11:30pm Cocktail function: Guests Arrival 6:30pm Pre-drinks 6:50pm Seated for dinner 7:10pm Cold canap�s Served 7:20pm Speeches & Presentations 7:50pm Hot canap�s Served 8:30pm Entertainments (DJ,dance) 9:30pm Departure 11:30pm Note: The drinks provide through whole cocktail function. 6. Preferred suppliers � Event Services Andrew Dudley 0422 206 353 www.eggnspoon.com.au � Music & Entertainment Bethanie Tobin 02 9419 4200 www.nhmentertainment.com.au � Flowers and Table decorations Ria Gradon 0403 798 598 www.pollenflowers.net � Chair covers Edna Reed 02 9871 1599 e.reed@bigpond.com � Photography Graham Monroe 02 9960 4600 www.gmphotogrphics.com.au ?? ?? ?? ?? THHSCAT02B Hsing-Fang Tsai 13127 ...read more.

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