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Functional Areas

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Functional Areas - Purposes And Activities - Bromley Library Functional Area Task Development The company provides and carries out research by looking at it's statistics and data collected from their visitors and their activity; Looks at improving things at Bromley Library such as they layout, content and usability; Outlines proposals, Introduces new technology if needed (such as the self serving system) and Provides marketing and publicity by creating posters and leaflets. Customer Service Said company offers organised training for staff, this would boost staff in their abilities and their confidence, Giving all aspects of that staff member's job, a boost, and hereby boosting productivity. This is also similar to the second activity of Bromley library on working on public relations and user education matters. By doing this Bromley library would boost their services by more staff having the experience do deal with more customer queries. Advising on books and DVD's allows visitors to Bromley Library to get a full experience out of their visit to Bromley Library. Getting quick and efficient advice on Books and DVD's, the most popular two things people hire out / borrow from a library. With a good user experience, Visitors are likely to return and use the library's services again. The same can be said about help with finding books and materials for research. People are likely to return as their first impression was good, and they keep getting good service from the staff and the business as a whole. ...read more.


Operations Cleaning the football stadium keeps the fans' experience clean and tidy and makes them want to return to the club, it also keeps people's views of the club high. Also, people may think, that if the club can't manage the cleanliness of the club, how would they manage a club of football players? So it's in the club's best interest to keep the grounds, stadium and everywhere in the "Charlton FC" Grounds clean and tidy. Unloading goods from lorries for the club shop helps get all the merchandise from the manufacturers' to the vendor's store (CAFC Club Store). Without stocking the store, the club would loose a large percentage of it's income to staff laziness of failing to unload good from the delivery lorries. Looking after CCTV footage and talking to the police on match days decreases the risk in violent outburst, and anything that does happen is dealt with fully with the co-operation of the club by providing CCTV footage as evidence to the authorities. Customer Services Dealing with enquiries from the general public about match days and tickets boosts ticket sales, as some people may wish to ask a question (enquire) about tickets, ticket sales, and various other information about Ticket Vendors, their prices, terms and conditions; A friendly, yet smart voice on the phone reinforces the club's image. By dealing with bookings like weddings at the club confirms more room booking and other services that the club could offer. ...read more.


To produce interesting match programmes so fans will purchase them. Without something different on the programmes apart from the usual colours, layout and content, the players will not purchase the programmes as they can find out exactly the same information on the internet or the Club's display board. Getting players into the public eye to generate interest and from that, income. By generating interest to players, this interest can become possible advertising, and therefore, revenue. To rent the private football boxes out to local businesses. Having an empty private box in a football stadium isn't bringing any business to the club via that portion of the grounds; So renting it out to local businesses generates revenue and possible future business. Human Resources Human resources contribute to the aim of the business by making sure that the player contracts do not run out and they leave the club. If a player did leave then that player could be a key player and the team may stop winning matches causing the club to collapse, fans to stop supporting the club, or at least attending matches regularly and hereby loosing the club a lot of money, and herby causing the club to fall, and fail as a business (thereby failing said aim). Customer Service Customer service will make sure they provide an excellent service so that they attract potential customers, and turn them into fans hereby generating more fans attending games regularly increasing the profit margins. Operations Operations to provide a safe environment on match days that means the fans will come back - knock on ticket sales - this will help the club survive as a whole, thereby successfully completing the aim. ...read more.

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