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Functional Areas.

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Functional Areas In business there are many different job roles and they have many different functions e.g. a restaurant has many different job roles, the waiter who serves to customers, chef who prepares the food and accountants who works out there profits and losses etc. Their three job roles do many different functions in the organisation and can be put into different functional areas. The chief would be in production because he prepares the food, the weightier would be in customer service because they interact with the customers and talk to them and the accountant would be in Finance. Small organisations may not have the functional areas but all big ones do. There are six functional areas, they each have there own manager, some sections are bigger than others here are the six areas * Human resources * Finance * Administration * Production * Marketing and sales * Customer service( P7+P8) Human Resources Out of the six functional areas HR is the most important to the workers, they deal with the welfare of all the workers in the organisation and try to keep every one happy. What they try to do is motivate workers so they will work to the best of their abilities. If the workers aren't happy then they wont work as hard and the company wont do well. HR tries to ensure that: 1. Work is interesting and challenging (but not to hard) 2. There are good working conditions 3. ...read more.


* Ledger clerks: Assist the chief accountant in the recording of all financial transactions. * Chief cashier: Responsible for the receipt, safekeeping, banking and accounting all of the cash received. * Credit control clerk: Assist the credit controller in checking the credit status of new customers and existing accounts. Reminding customers of overdue payments. International Motors Finance International motors have a large financial department, the group works as separate businesses when doing their finances. At the end of the year all of the group consolidate their finances into one account this makes it easy for them to work out their finances and give there annual percentage to charity. Administration The purpose of this function is to make sure that the company is running effectively by doing thing like keeping all the records of what's going on and sending out letters to people inside and outside of the business. Without this function the business wouldn't run properly and nothing would get done. Back in the day business had 'Centralised Administration'. This is when Administration is a separate function on its own and supports all the other functional areas. Now most large business use 'Decentralised Administration'. This is when each of the functional areas has its own administrative staff within them. This is a lot better because the staff have more flexibility and better job opportunities. They can now move between areas and gain more experience. This function is also where all the security in the business work, they make shore there aren't any break-ins at night and ensure the workers safety in the day. ...read more.


* Shopping Clerks: Arrange for the transport and delivery of orders overseas and the completion of export documentation. * Telephone Sales Staff: accept and process telephone orders. International Motors Marketing In International Motors this section deals with all the things that promote the company and they also try to find out what the customer's opinions on things by doing things like market research. IM don't have any TV advertising, but the different car companies do. Either the car companies or the dealers do most of the promotions evolved with International Motors. The dealers will have things like promotional deals when a new car first comes on the market. They will things like the first servicing of the car for free, or will just do special deals for people who have brought a car from the dealership before or at special events of the year. They will also create brochures for the customers to read which will have all the different functions of the car and all the added features. Every four years the international motor show is held. This is where different car makers come and show there best cars and also come to have a grand opening for the new car or new range of cars. Last year Daihatsu released their new car and lm play a big role in the advertising of the car and the stand that Daihatsu had created for the show. IM had organised a stand where children could come and paint on cars and draw pictures, which would give the workers a chance to tell the parents about the Daihatsu stand and the new car. 5 3 Shaun Macdonald Unit 1 P2 ...read more.

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