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Functional Areas

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FUNCTIONAL AREAS Companies can achieve their corporative objectives only when the various functions of the company work together. There are four major functional areas in a company namely the MARKETING, FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCES & PRODUCTION, but there are other businesses like Lewisham College that have other functional areas such as LEARNERS SERVICES & GENERAL STUDIES. All the functions set up their own objectives that want to achieve in accordance with the company's objectives within a specific period of time. FINANCE DEPARTMENT The Finance Department basically oversees and manages the financial aspect of the college. The college needs the Finance Department to keep updated and essential records of all the incoming money that they make and expenditure the college incurred within an accounting season. They also prepare a full and accurate account for the Education Ministry and the Council that provide them with funds. They carry out many activities in the college that help them achieve their corporate objectives such as set budget for the college, pay their utility bills and suppliers that supply the college with equipments and stationeries such as pens, markers, textbooks, projectors, whiteboards, e.t.c. They provide money and financial support to other departments in the college such as the Marketing, H.R.M., and Learners Service departments when they need money to carry out a project. For Example, during the beginning of another academic year, the Marketing Department takes money from the Finance Department to make posters, billboards, and prospectus to make adverts to help attract more students into the college. ...read more.


The department is needed for the college to meet their various aims and objectives. MARKETING FUNCTION This is not a department in the college but it has various functions in the college that it overlooks so that the college could be able to achieve their objectives. The function is concerned with identifying what customers (students) need; want to see happening in the college and how the college could provide their expectations effectively without compromising quality as well as promoting the college. The activities of the Marketing Function includes carrying out market researches to find out what they expect to gain from the college and they also collect opinions and suggestions from potential customers on proposed or existing services that the college offers to their staff or existing students. Through market research information gathered from the students, the Marketing Function adopts strategic ways of attracting new customers to the college. PUBLICITY: The College publicises the college through advertisements and billboards to make other people within the community and in other area know about the college. They set out posters in public areas such as buses where they can get the attention of a vast majority of people to see it. They also set up a website and pop ups to attract customers as there is a majority of people that use the internet now than ever before and as well send leaflets to customers in their homes. ...read more.


The General Studies Department ensures that the students are provided with different courses such as ESOL Course - studied mainly by migrants that do not speak or understand English very well. Also, Spring Board courses that help them improve their IT, Numeracy and Communication skills. MAXIMIZE ENROLMENT - Unlike Southwark College that have lost most of their student because of the incompetence of employees to appropriately provide and teach their students, Lewisham College staff work hard in conjunction with other Departments to ensures that this they attract students as well as portray the image of the college positively. The main objective of the Learners Service Function is to provide a supportive learning environment for students so that they can feel comfortable to ask questions when they need to and ask for help when they do not know how to do a certain coursework or assignment. The function understands that there are a lot of students that find it difficult to ask for help when they are classrooms, thereby creating support groups, study buddies, and teachers that will help the students in private to understand whatever topic they want to discuss. Collectively, all the departments and functions work hard with certain similar objectives which are to promote the best staff performance and conduct in their job, to guide the college to improve performance, develop the organisation and develop a well orchestrated management culture, good communication and relations. Emmanuel Bosah - Advanced VCE Business Studies Tutor: Andrea Young 1 ...read more.

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