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Functional areas at Alton Towers

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Functional areas at Alton Towers The functional areas at Alton Towers are: - * MARKETING - Identifying what the customer wants and supplying it. * COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS - Analysing retail outlets within the organisation and financing payback as well as organising school units. * INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Analysing all the information that is available for all aspects of the business to ensure that the best procedures/systems are being used. * TECHNICAL SERVICES - Maintaining all the equipment on site to make sure that all is working 100%. * HUMAN RESOURCES - Ensuring that the personnel in the business work as efficiently as possible. * SECURITY - Making sure all areas of the organisation are secure against theft etc. * HOTEL - Ensuring the highest standards of accommodation are available to visitors at all times. * RIDES - Ensuring the latest, safest, up to date rides are available and accessible at the best possible prices. Also, that there is a full schedule of the upcoming attractions to meet all visitors needs. The marketing department The marketing department looks at the business through the customer's eyes. It identifies what the customer needs and provides it. The contribution of marketing is vital as it directly influences the number of sales that are made and therefore the profit of the company. It provides customers with new or developed products/services that they need or desire. It also provides them with information on proposed products and those already on sale. It provides people in the business with a profit, attraction to the business and interesting, worthwhile jobs to do. The activities of marketing include: - * Market research - to find out what customers need and what customers opinions on proposed and existing products and services are. * Promotion - to inform the customers that their particular organisation can fulfil their needs. * Sales - to provide the goods or services the customer now thinks he/she needs. ...read more.


This is carried out, as it not only ensures that the best services and procedures are being used throughout the business but also leaves room for improvement. This is essential for a successful business, as they need to be continually improving and developing to keep ahead of/up with their competitors. The IT department provides customers with improved services/functions and necessary information. It provides the employees who regularly need information or inputted data with easy access to a computer. This is why it is so important that the computers are always fully functional. To ensure that the information inputted into the computer is stored safely, businesses continually change their software packages to those that are more recent and suitable. Computer staff is also appointed to make sure that the system is secure from hackers and viruses. Unless there is a virus checker in place and a system for preventing employees using their own machines on company machines, viruses can be easily downloaded. A typical function in the IT department is the network administrator who is appointed to manage the network of interlinked computers in the business. He/she also gives new users access to the system, deals with any queries, sets up any network services and liases with users to develop new services that would be useful. The human resources department The major functions of the human resources department include: - * The recruitment, retention and dismissal of employees. * The monitoring and maintenance of working conditions. * Health and safety. * The training, development and promotion of employees. * Employee organisations and trade unions. * The rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. The human resources department provides motivation for all employees, ensures they are all well trained and makes sure that they are committed to the aims of the business. Other things the function provides to its employees are: - * The ability to do work, which they find interesting and challenging but not overwhelming. * Good working conditions. * Fair treatment from employers. ...read more.


How employment law protects employees The Employment Rights Act If an employee was not given a statement of employment within two months it would be illegal. It would also be illegal if the statement did not include: * Names of the employee and employer. * Date when employment began. * Rate of pay. * When pay is due - weekly, monthly, yearly. The Sex Discrimination Act If a business insisted that only men should be employed for a job role that could be filled by either sex. This would be illegal. It is a form of direct discrimination. The Race Relations Act If a business refused to employ someone because they had a scouse accent this would be illegal. The Disability Discrimination Act If a business refused to employ someone because they had a missing limb, this would be illegal. Summary The four functional areas at Alton Towers are: - * Marketing * Security * Information technology * Human resources The marketing department ensures that Alton Towers is foremost in people's minds when looking for a fun day out in a theme park. This is achieved through extensive market research and advertising through all media channels. The security department ensures the safety of all customers, staff and protection of all equipment and assets on site. The I.T. department in Alton Towers ensures that the most relevant computer systems are used to analyse all information that is available for all aspects of the business. The human resources department ensures that the right calibre of staff are employed, trained and are available for duties on the right time, in the right place for all work to be successfully carried out within the theme park. It is also responsible for ensuring that the staff are working in a safe environment and that the welfare of all is continually monitored. It is extremely important that the human resources department make sure that Alton Towers operates within the numerous laws that relate to employees. ...read more.

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